Is capacity correctly calculated for foreign currencies? [NOT A BUG]

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About the bug

Summary of the issue:

Membership plans have limits based on Store Size (Ad $), but the value is not calculated right when using CAD. I don’t know if this bug occurs with other non-USD currencies, other regions or with plans that have higher limits.

Expected results:

Someone with a free membership plan should be able to have active ads valued up to a total of $750 before hitting the plan limit and receiving a warning.

Actual results:

With a free membership, pricing a single ad at $750 CAD creates an error stating “This change would exceed the limits of your membership plan. Ad value of 947.41 exceeds $750.00.” $750 CAD is obviously not $947.41 in either CAD or USD - the number makes absolutely no sense. In fact $750 CAD is only $593.24 USD so I don’t know where MM is pulling 947.41 from.

Links to pages the bug is affecting:

*Log In - MorphMarket

When did you first notice it?:

Today but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s been happening for a while since I would guess that the vast majority of ads are priced in USD.

Steps to reproduce the problem?:

Using a free membership account, create an ad for a single reptile that costs $750 CAD.

Is this happening on the website, app or both?:

Website, I don’t use the app and don’t know if it occurs there as well.


Please add as many screenshots as possible that could help explain what you are experiencing.

That was the single test ad I was trying to activate, my current plan limit is $750 yet I cannot activate that ad by itself without ‘you are exceeding your plan limit’ errors.


I think the system is converting the $750 from USD to CAD instead of the other way around. It would be roughly $950 in CAD


That sounds right but also sucks, basically means that sellers who use ‘weaker’ currencies like the Canadian dollar have a lower ad value limit than those who price everything in USD.
Now I wonder if I also had a lower ad value limit even during the months when I had a paid membership. Like, was I paying a basic membership fee to get the $7500 store size but not actually receiving the full $7500 due to wrongful currency conversions? I wish I had tried to post a $7500 CAD reptile before my membership expired just to see if I would get a similar error. If you’re correct then MM would convert the 7500 price-tag from USD to CAD which is like 9482-ish and thus ‘over’ the limit, so it wouldn’t be possible for someone to sell a reptile for 7500 CAD even if they had paid for basic membership.
I really hope that isn’t the case because I paid for those membership months with the expectation that I was getting the same ad value limit as everyone else with a basic membership. I’d be pretty miffed to discover that I was actually getting a lower ad value limit due to pricing ads in CAD.


I can’t imagine it’s intentional. Let me call @eaglereptiles over.


Thanks for flagging him Olivia. I will tag @john in too so we can get extra eyes on it


Sorry for the lack of response here, were looking into it :slightly_smiling_face:
it seems like @phantom_hatchery may be right but i cant guarantee it yet


I have tested the system and it is working correct.

Right now, @terces with her free account has Listings which total C$925; so clearly it isn’t limiting you to C$750. @terces you can find this on your dashboard and it explains the state of all your animals.

I believe the confusion is that she was not realizing that her ON HOLD animal is also counting toward the capacity. In our system, capacity is based on Listings and listings are public/active animals which are for sale or on hold.

On hold are counted as Listings because they are still advertisements. In many cases sellers leave them public in order to build more interest in case the original buyer falls through. You can free up that capacity by making your ON hold animal be inactive.

In the near future, we’ll have an Orders system which will give the buyer something to “monitor” their on hold animal, without it needing to be public to the entire market.


Thanks john, really glad it’s not a bug! You’re right, I didn’t realize that active On Hold ad was the trouble maker here - somehow I was convinced it wasn’t an active ad. I’m pretty sure I looked at it a couple times but just didn’t mentally register that it still appeared in search results and counts against the limit as such. D’oh! I was confused where the $947.41 was coming from but that makes sense now. I gotta admit it’s funny how the numbers did look like MM was doing a backwards currency conversion and I wondered how many years I dumbly went without ever noticing that before. I’m relieved to know I was just dumb the morning I posted this report. :sweat_smile:

I marked that On Hold ad as Inactive so that should fix my issue and I’ll likely do that for future Holds too, at least until the Orders system is in place. Otherwise I’ll probably find myself again awake at 1am wondering why I keep getting an error saying I’m over the ad value limit…