Is everything in this safe for bearded dragons to eat?

I get that but if it’s safe the there’s really no difference no?

I really appreciate the help thank you so much for takeimg the time

I agree I feed all my reptiles insects but me being vegan my self was swing if there is a healthy alternative if not of course I won’t source it on them

On a side note

Out of curiosity this is intended for reptiles and has the right amount of protein so is this ok?

As far as I reaserched and omnivores can go vegan if done correctly

I know that

Once a bearded reaches adulthood, you can feed less insects. A feeding of insects a couple times a week with a leafy green-heavy main diet is ideal. There’s really no need to feed any sort of vegan dog food or premade diet of any kind. Just give your friend a nice salad dusted with calcium instead :slight_smile:

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Yup that’s what iv bin doing your one of my inspirations and one of the reasons I became a breeder just want you to k is I am feeding great Diet to the with a great amount of insects and vegetables Ect just wanted to se if this was a good food to add on top for extra nutrition but now I know it’s not I’ll just stick with Repasy bugs and greens again thank you so much for your help really appreciate it

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I feed permafrost diets as back upincase I run out at any time or for emergency’s

Or for feeders

The premade diets like repashy and the packaged bugs from Pro Bugs are great to have on hand in case of emergencies for sure, but fresh is always best. The premades have led to “lazy keeping” in my opinion. You don’t have to overcomplicate things. Just give your animals what’s natural to them.
Thank you for the kind words. Stick with it and do right by the animals and you’ll succeed.

Beardies should be on a diet of veg and insects. I’m confused as to why you want to feed anything but that? A friend of the other half breeds beardies and they obviously mostly eat veg which I’m sure you know, but they do love their locust too!
I wouldn’t try stop the bugs at all, they eat them!
Ours ate anything you gave them when we had them, the amount of veg they ate was crazy! Little pigs! And the bugs too, loved seeing them go mad for them and run to you to get it :sweat_smile: