Is Flex Tape safe like Flex Seal for DIY enclosures?

I know that Flex Seal (the original, not the spray-on) is safe for sealing the interior of enclosures as long as you let it cure for several days. I used it on my home built superdwarf retic enclosure and boa enclosure. Does anyone know if Flex Tape is also safe, and will it last as long? Flex Seal is just such a pain to work with.


I try not to use any type of tape in my enclosures. The adhesive can be a disaster if it starts to peel and the animals come in contact with it.


I wouldn’t rely on the hold from the flex tape adhesive. I have a partial roll that i have on hand for temporary fixes if something breaks. That’s about what it’s good for.


Personally, I love my aquarium safe silicone. As others have said, I don’t really think the use of tape inside an animals enclosure is a good idea.


I had a baby garter get loose one time and it got stuck to a piece of tape that was peeling back on the side of the rack. Unfortunately it perished before I found it. I avoid having tape around the snakes as much as possible.


Thank you everyone. I was so focused on toxicity, the issue of the tape peeling and harming the snakes hadn’t even cross my mind.