Is he still chunky?

So I posted in another thread some time ago about my sand boa boy being overweight and got confirmation that he was… So since then (about 2 months ago maybe?) we’ve been feeding him once every three weeks (two weeks in between feeding). And since we see him every day and haven’t documented his weight I was wondering if by looks can anyone tell me if he’s still to chunky? And if so is the large gap in feeding the way to go?

He’s about 3 years old now and was getting fed once a week.


oh cool good to know now that im getting a female baby sand boa cb2020 and I found this problem around the internet an I was asking what size I should feed her because there are so many different opinions(so don think I didn’t did my research) I would go for a pinky mice per week is it too much or is too little? a opinion from a breeder would be appreciated

I do a single pinky mouse once a week for new babies and after about 6 months up it to two pinkies. But once they get big enough I switch to pinky rats since it’s what I have on hand (all of my breeding snakes eat rats). Just consider a warning that pinky rats are very fattening as you can see by the boy above… So by that time you should definitely scale back feeding to once every other week.

I don’t have experience with feeding strictly mice so I can’t help there unfortunately. I just know that these guys gain easy and lose slow. So don’t overfeed! Lol

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