Is it geneX Pied? (Pied Morph Identification Help!)

Hello, my friend recently hatched a newborn ball python.
He wanted to know his ball pythons’ morph, So I tried my own identifying, But I wasn’t sure on their morph too.
so I’m here writing to ask for a more accurate view!

Parents were OD YB Leopard het Pied (Pos geneX) x Pied

I want to know on 2 things

  1. Did He identified their morphs correctly?
  2. Does Sire actually have GeneX morph on him?

My guess on Morph Id.
#1 & #2 OD YB
#3 YB Leopard (not sure but also has od?)
#4 OD Leopard
#5 YB Leopard
#6 YB het Pied (not sure if it’s YB)

What’s your thought/guess?
It’s kinda hard to identify since they came out high white.
Anything like ‘How to identify Pied morph’ can be helped, Thank you


I’m going to say that there is GeneX in there, but take my opinion with a bucket of salt.

If @stewart_reptiles @wreckroomsnakes or @osbornereptiles can’t be sure, your best bet for a answer would be to reach out to @jkobylka

As for why I believe GeneX is present:

Justin’s geneX:

If you look at the sides patterning you will notice it is “melted” looking and lower towards the belly area, with quite a bit smudging onto the actual belly.

Justin’s geneX Pumpkin Pied (YB Pied)

JKR Ball Street Journal


Awesome clutch and photos. I’m no pro but I like your guesses although I question whether YB is present in #3 and #6. 1, 2, and 5 have that “crispness” to the pattern edge and coloration that scream YB to me while #3 has more “fuzzy” pattern and melanin edges. I could be wrong about # 6 but I’d expect to see more open “flaming” in the lateral for YB.

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Thank you it helped alot.
Sure #6 looks similar to it.
Sire were jkobylka’s, man, I hope jkobylka was seeing this post.

Thanks for the comment, it was much easier to understand with your infos.
I’ll tell this to my friend too.

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thanks guys,
I’ll update some more photos since my friend sent me some more photos of them.
Please comment if you have any guess on them.
Anything small can be helped too!