Is Matilda definitely a she?

Female? She’s pretty well fed tbh… I sexed her myself a while ago but now I’m taking a second look and not so sure.

22 months old (almost 2 years). Bulge should’ve been more pronounced and separated if it was a male right? Still confused about the pores on cresteds.

I’d say a she!

Pores would be quite visable on a light gecko such as yours, esp given age and I’d say bulge would of been visable by now also.

I pore checked this guy at about 7/8 months old

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Is pore checking a more reliable way of sexing cresteds at a younger age, I’m guessing? I’ve heard some people say their male cresteds didn’t develop a more visible bulge until 14 months lol. But then again some of the comparison pictures of male and female differences look the same to me :woman_facepalming:

Is the line of pores you drew just a line that goes straight across from leg to leg on a male, and a broken line if it’s female?

So the pores are dots just above the line I drew, they go in a line from one leg to the other. I believe this is the only way to sex crested geckos at a young age, however it is not always accurate, which is why people tend to say no visible pores or pores seen.

Females don’t usually have visable pores, however pores can appear later on which is why I usually wait till 6 months old and check again a few months if I don’t see pores.

I haven’t been wrong about any of my Cresties sex yet, still one Crestie growing which I believe is female but pores can still appear so I keep checking.

I had one male that didn’t show his bulge till one and half years old but he had visible pores. The rest were much younger.

It’s easier to tell if you have a loop, but if not use a torch to help. I have found light Cresties are easier to tell without a loop but the loop definitely makes it easier

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Any side on too? :blush:

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As said pores are the best way to indicate male or female. I use a looper myself :blush:
I sex all Cresties at 5 and 10g. Since I rehome between 10/15g and I sex them before hand.
A few of mine I’ve sexed at 3g and they’ve had pores!
Even now I have pores and no pores at 3g.

I’d say female at that age :grin:


I like to loop sex young because I’m curious :grin:

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Oh 100% :joy:

I have a guess and then check I’m right haha.
Great game to play! :upside_down_face:


I do the same. It’s so much fun, but also disappointing when it’s not the sex I was hoping for!


I had never even heard of a loop until now but thanks to you just watched a video about it. Thank you!

And I see the pores you’re talking about now, I don’t know what I was thinking before. Makes so much more sense!


Makes sense I always wondered how people had a good enough eye to sex them so young but its all coming together now haha


If your looking to buy a jewellers loop, make sure it has 30 X on it. Mine has 30 X and 60 X l. I use both but 30 X is easier with a moving gecko :lizard:

Also works through glass if they are pressed up against it :relaxed:

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That’s also what I use. Very cheap on eBay.
Though I use the 60x as I’ve used 30 thinking none and then use the 60 and BAM, male :rofl: