Is Morph Market the right platform for breeding just once or twice?

Sadly, I recently lost my female hognose snake, Ophelia. The vet wasn’t able to figure out what it was. I had adopted her to pair with my male (Otis) who is an arctic het albino het sable (Ophelia was an arctic het albino). I wanted to try breeding for the experience of observing the process, to let my snakes go through their natural processes, and because I’d love to someday use those skills to help re-establish threatened species in the wild. I never planned on breeding consistently, and now that I’m sort of starting over, I am wondering if Morph Market is a conducive platform if I were to only breed once or twice.


That’s basically how I started a couple years ago.

You can definitely use MM for that. It makes it a bit easier and safer than other sites. It’s easy for someone to search for what they want and find the ads for them.

The downside are you may be able to find a local buyer on Facebook or craigslist a bit faster.
But again, less risk of scammers and such.
You may need to hang onto babies for a bit if you’re on a free account or as a hobby breeder without customer feedback.


It’s worth a shot selling using the (very limited) free membership. Worst case scenario your stuff doesn’t sell and you’ll have to find another avenue, but at least you won’t be out any cash.


I’m not a breeder/ seller here on MM so I can’t advise you about the financial aspect of the platform but I can add, if you don’t mind, that along with the (limited)? free membership, you will have a whole host of experienced breeders here who will answer any questions you might have along the way.

And since you have never bred snakes before there will undoubtedly be tons of questions that will arise. Of course you can always get answers elsewhere but this forum is incredibly unique and these people really care about the reptile hobby so you will have a lot of support and knowledge coming your way.

Btw I am so sorry to hear about the death of Ophelia! :cry::heart:. Hopefully you will be able to find another mate for Otis soon. I think it is wonderful that you have such a noble reason for getting into the breeding hobby and no matter where you end up (forum wise) I wish you the very best in your endeavors @claralogsdon!

Best regards

Caron Ludan :heart::pray:


Thank you everyone for your responses, this definitely makes me more confident in selling on Morph Market. I look forward to all I will learn along the way when the time comes.