Is my basement safe for my leopard geckos?

I’m starting to expand my Leopard gecko collection and I’ll soon be out of space in my room. We’ve been recently cleaning out our basement, so I was thinking I’d move them down there. I just wanna be 100% sure that they’d ok down there. My basement is located under our three season room so it’s easy to get to and wont have a draft from the outside when you open the door, has insulated walls, and is heated. It’s normally at 65 degrees but I can change it to want ever will be best for them. I’m just not sure if there’s something that I’m overlooking or what. I just want to make sure that It’ll be fine for them.

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I would raise the temperature and humidity down there and see how well it can hold it BEFORE putting any animals in. It’s all good until you have to spend $500 a week on heating the basement.

When your finished clearing it out, a few pictures could help us help you :blush:.

Good luck :+1:


Alright, thank you. I didn’t even think about the humidity. That’s definitely something to think about as well as how much it’ll cost to heat it.

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Seems good but you may want to have some sort of light during the day to help their day/night cycle. But also raise the temp a little. But otherwise good.

Yes. They’ll be fine as long as they have a thermostat controlled heat source.

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