Is my bearded dragon ok?!

(before reading note I just deep cleaned his enclosure and decided to switch things up a little).

his basking is 103 which is high and I KNOW THAT don’t worry I adjusted my lamp to hopefully cool it down a tiny bit, his cool side is about 80 farenheight at the farthest end. and is about 85 at the basking spot in air temp, and yes I know that’s cold I just changed the setup and I am still adjusting the lamps and things.


btw he just pooped


ok so I may or may not be going to the vet like you guys told me, so a couple questions,

  1. What “type of visit” should I be going in for?
  2. What are red flags for these visits.
  3. What are some terms to know? like basic terms to know so I understand what someone might be saying?
    4.How do I transport a bearded dragon???
  4. What are the general costs? because my parents are probably not going to spend 9k on medications.

oh and these are the vets that I am contemplating going to.

so if anyone knows anything about these vets PLEASE TELL ME


Yay! So glad to hear that!

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key word MAY

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I have never kept beardies, but those temps sound really off. Having incorrect temps can lead to death quickly either via undigested food rotting and causing sepsis or via dehydration. Incorrect UVB will also kill your beardie, and bulbs must be replaced regularly.

Are you the person that was keeping their beardie on a bunch of legos? If so, it sounds like a beardie is not a good fit for you. Consider finding a reptile rescue or humane society to relinquish him to, where he can find a caretaker that is better able to care for him. There is no shame in recognizing when things are a bad fit and doing the right thing. Do not just dump him outside (he would die). As a last resort you could post an ad up on craigslist with the help of your parents, making sure to include that he is not healthy in the ad, but that you are trying to find a new owner who can help him and take him to the vet. Then carefully but swiftly review any applications to find a good new owner that will be able to provide veterinary care. When looking for a new pet, mammals are often easier to maintain than reptiles. I suggest guinea pigs especially, they are wonderful! If I’m thinking of the wrong person, just ignore this whole paragraph.

Urgent/Sick, in my opinion. It can’t wait weeks.

That’s an odd thing to have as one of your primary concerns. When you are taking your pet in for a Wellness Exam, you have the luxury of being more picky and shopping around to find a vet you want to establish a relationship with. Your little guy sounds very sick to me and I think you should go to any experienced, reputable reptile vet you find that can see him first. Exotic vet visits book out far in advance so you need to hurry.

When reading reviews of veterinary practices online, just like with amy other business, they will be skewed to the negative, because customers don’t generally bother to take the initiative to leave positive reviews. Sometimes one disgruntled client gets all their family members to leave bad reviews for the same incident, so watch for that as well.

Nothing. A veterinarian should be able to explain things using laymen’s terms, it’s their job. Feel free to ask them any questions you have before the vet leaves the room. Ask for your parents to come with you and for printed, written discharge instructions when you leave that you can read and follow at home. Make sure you then follow them, or you’ll just have wasted money.

In an animal carrier or other container that provides safety, security, and ventilation. Just like every other pet.

You need to call the vet offices and ask them those questions yourselves. That’s like asking how much anything else generally costs- it will vary drastically depending on provider, location, quality of services, etc. Ask for a written Estimate/Treatment Plan for your parents to review.

Number one thing- the exam fee will always pay ONLY for the exam, which is always going to be higher than an exam for a cat or dog. Diagnostics, Treatment, Medications, and Supplies would all cost additional, presumably. I anticipate that you will need a set of blood work at minimum. If you have financial limitations, have your parents discuss them with the vet or technician while you guys are deciding on a treatment plan.

Now, all that said, I’ve had surgeries, CT scans, radiographs, blood work, fecal testing, euthanasia & death care, and all kinds of things performed on my reptiles by a variety of reptile vets nationwide, and (as of writing this) I’ve never had any of my pets top 1.3K in a visit, for any procedure. And none of the medications I recall were unusually expensive, though they generally can’t be filled at a human pharmacy.


ok so heres whats going to happen,

  1. vet still probably not going to happen.
    2.I understand your concerns about the beardie and me not being a good keeper, I don’t think I am a bad keeper, I replace my UVB every 6 months, and To my knowledge every single website (which is numerous) says about the temps I have him on aren’t good and I know that but I did remedy the issue I fixed his temps for the most part. hot side is about 88-91 and cool side is between 87 at closest to hot side and 80 closest to the cold.
    3.So I sold some items to a reptile rescue in maryland who gave me advice and what to do, and 4.honestly I don’t think I could mentally take losing the beardie, or selling him for that matter, losing a cat when I was at my best mentally destroyed me let alone rn… I would fall apart.
    (just a disclaimer I genuinely looked at the advice and am not upset nor am I offended by anyone here).

So I am going to speak up once more about your situation and then I will be quiet. You said you sold some things to a reptile rescue that gave you advice on what to do? Which means you have access to a reptile rescue? At the present time? If so, and I will be blunt, you really should love your beardie enough to be willing to do what is best for him, and not you. If he is sick, and it sounds like he is, and given the fact that your parents will not help you with a vet visit, it is probably certain that he is not going to make it. Surrendering him to this reptile rescue is the kindest thing you can do for him. It’s the ONLY thing you can do for him. If he is sick he is suffering and I am sure you would not want him to suffer would you? And with no vet in the future chances are he will not be around for very much longer so you need to do the right thing by him immediately if not sooner. A decision like this might seem like the end of the world to you right now but you will get over it. But it could literally be the end of the world for him.


If you care for him and he’s having issues and this isn’t brunation then a vet is needed. Not something you should be leaving longer. Take him tomorrow.

My cousin took on a beardie and the issues that girl has had, she’s had many vet trips to help her and medications, and is now in perfect health!
If my cousin didn’t take her, she’d be dead.

If you don’t want anything to happen to him then do what’s best for him.
As if something does happen then you’ll feel horrible knowing you left him and didn’t help :pensive:


forgot to post update vet gave him clean bill of health and just gave us some antibiotics and he is now gained north of 30-40 grams


That is good that you were able to go to a vet and it wasn’t anything serious.

However, 40 grams would make him just over 200 grams right? For an 18 month old, give or take, shouldn’t he be over 400 grams especially since he is a male? I understand that some grow slower but he still should be a decent bit bigger than he is from what I understand. I haven’t ever owned a beardie but have done a decent bit of research on them. This is just what I understand from the research I have done.


the vet said quote “if he didn’t have issues eating I would just say hes on the thinner side far from underweight” though then just recommended I feed him a tiny bit more which I did and I think he might be even bigger now I haven’t weighed him since the vet.

edit I weighed him, he’s 229 grams which is 30 gram increase so he’s growing which is all I really care about


When did you go to the vet?
Also if he looks like he is gaining then that is great news! He is probably just a slow grower. As long as he is growing steadily than that is amazing! Can’t wait to see him as a nice big 2 foot dragon.

Also any more recent pictures? You know how we are lol!


if you ask for pictures i SHALL DELIVER give me five minutes lol




According to MorphMarket my statement isn’t a sentence so here you go MorphMarket. Happy now?


hey another update about a week ago I realized his temps were lower than I thought they had been by like 2 degrees, he is now pooping regularly, TWO FRICKIN DEGREES CAUSED THIS MUCH STRESS :rofl: :expressionless: