Is my crestie a Halloween or an orange Tri-color?

This is Figgy, my female crested gecko. She is about 18 months old (is she considered an adult? She is rather small…) I’m not sure if she in a Halloween or an orange Tri-color. Help?


She’s neither.
She appears to be a dark based harlequin. Any better side pics? :blush:


Halloweens are harlequins with black and orange markings. Other coloring will not be visible on the gecko, this includes the gecko’s tail. You can see cream in her dorsal.


Yup, Halloween’s are only black and orange, no other colour.
Also no such thing as an ‘orange tricolour’ it’s just a tricolour, unless a red tri, or a yellow for example which then the base would be the colour. :blush:

Besides the only exception being portholes in some breeders opinions. But this is highly controversial and undecided upon.

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IF they’re orange then it’s acceptable :rofl:

White a no go really. Or it’s not a true Halloween…
it’s why they’re so hard to blooming find!
I’m actually waiting on a couple breeders here to let me know when more babies out, so touch wood I can get myself a pair of them or 1 atleast to add to the posse :relaxed:


Welcome to the community.

I have to agree, your Crestie is not a Halloween or a tricolour.

It’s a lovely dark base harlequin.

@lumpy I’m very impressed with your answer :+1: I agree with you completely.

With regards to portholes on a Halloween, yes it’s not decided upon. However portholes are not a colour, it’s pigmentation that was unable to form colour while in the egg. So I agree they can be on Halloween (others may disagree) other then portholes a Halloween will only have 2 colours… Orange and dark base, this includes the tail.

Tricolour Cresties will have three clear colours along the side (laterals), this does not include portholes or white spots. Which I cannot see in the pics, but if you have more suffer pics we can double check if you would like?


Thank you for your answer! Here is a better side picture:


She has three colors; orange, black, and cream/white. Extreme harlequins don’t have three colors, right? If she isn’t a tri color and she isn’t a harlequin, what is she? Thank you for your response, and I posted two more side pictures.

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Does that mean that she is a tri color?

Like @ghoulishcresties said she looks to be a dark base harlequin.

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You do ask a good question, however a tricolour will display the distinct colours along the laterals (side of the gecko), these colours will be evenly matched for space and do not include portholes as portholes are white raised markings that was unable to form colour while still in the egg.

I hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:

Here is a pic of one of my tricolour Cresties as an example

Your Crestie is a dark base harlequin with portholes. She is not a tricolour as she didn’t display 3 Clear colours along the laterals, portholes are a separate trait.


She’s a dark based harlequin, she’s got portholes which are the white or cream dots that a lot of Cresties have on their sides, and she’s got the white/cream markings on dorsals which is to do with pinning usually. She’s a lovely dark based harlequin I will say, they aren’t usually my thing unless extremes! :relaxed:

Tricolours have more white or cream like these for examples-


Thank yall, that makes sense now. I’m glad the reptile community is so kind and helpful


Anything else just ask! We love Cresties :sweat_smile:


Glad we could help :relaxed:

As said, if you have any other questions just ask.

We have a thread going where we all put regular pics of our Cresties, you should check it out and maybe add some of your own Crestie pics!

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