Is my Leopard Gecko too thin?

Her tail looks much thinner than my other 2 and she does not eat quite like the other 2 as well. I’ve only had her about 3 weeks. She has been eating but just a few mealworms and she’s done. She has also eaten Crickets and once a week a Waxworm as a treat. She seems to prefer crickets but they are a pain to feed as I tong feed her them since I’m afraid to leave them in her cage after reading that they may bite your Geckos. Any suggestions on how to get her to eat better?


Some geckos like their food to move more. Super worms are more active then meal worms. But that could be why she likes the crickets more. There is a type of roach that is very active. Not Dubia but called shadow roaches, They are smaller then Dubia and fast. I never heard of them until a year ago. But I wouldn’t leave more than 3 crickets with a leopard gecko at a time. Wait until they eat the 3 then put a couple more in. Your leopard gecko is pretty btw.

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Thanks! I’ll give superworms a try. But she’ll gobble up Waxworms that barely move. And all of the crickets that I have fed her have been from tongs except for maybe a few. I’ll also let the mealworms crawl around in front of her and she’ll follow them, sometimes strike and miss them, then lose interest. Just seems weird.

She doesn’t look thin to me. I have a Gecko Helena, that only eats a few mealworms at a time. She likes crickets, I will throw a few in there with her and she chases them down and eats them. I don’t give them crickets very often. Waxworms are fattening for Geckos. They are fine for a treat. My Helena is doing fine. If she started loosing a lot of weight throughout her whole body I would worry. She looks fine to me. I’m not an expert.


Thanks. Her body size looks fine to me as well. Only her tail looks thin. I will continue to feed her crickets every other day and may try Soldier Fly larvae. I’m not too worried as she does eat every day. Just not as much as the other 2.