Is my sand boa to pudgy?

I have a sand boa that’s nearly a year old (maybe a little older tbh) and ive been feeding him two pinky mice once ever 7 to 10 days since I got him but I dunno he looks fat to me. Looking for opinions and what I can do? Maybe one pinky a week?


Doesn’t look too fat to me. Kenyans tend to be heavy bodied…and even at that, you can still tell when they are too fat…yours looks great.


Thanks so much for the help! These guys seem to be something different when it comes to metabolism than my other snakes (mostly colubrids) and so yeah… I’m glad he looks in good shape. Still gonna call him my sausage snake though.

Lol…I had one named “sausage” about 15 years ago…that’s funny you said that!

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