Is my she-hognose a he?

Recently bought a 6 month old hognose from somebody looking to rehome her. They said she is female and I took their words for it. But after coming across a couple of posts I now have huge doubts but since this is my first hognose I don’t trust myself. I’ve seen the comparison guide/picture everybody shares but I’ve been staring at my snake’s tail so long now I can’t tell lol. The more I try to decide the harder it gets. Any opinions?

Hi @ecats

You are hognose snake does look like a male by the pictures. Here is a photo reference that is provided by our wonderful @stewart_reptiles .

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@lumpy Thank you for responding! My gut is saying male too but was holding out hope for a female since I really want a big, chunky lady hognose. Guess I have an excuse to get a second hognose lol.


I love the way hogs look but I am a person that values some size/length, so yes I guess me too.

And you definitely need another hognose :grin:


It might just be me but the shape of the tail doesn’t quite look “male” to me — there are some cases where females will have a long tail like a male, which can make accurate sexing difficult

Really the only way to know for sure is probing (not recommended unless you can have an experienced breeder or vet show you how) or even DNA testing of the shed via RareGenetics

Example — male snow hognose tail compared to a hognose that was sold to me as a female. I’m gonna be sending in her shed whenever I can get one from her to have it DNA tested just to find out for sure!



@trnreptiles I just found out about the DNA testing and I’m going to do it too! (S)he hasn’t shed yet and I don’t know when the last shed was but hopefully it happens soon because I am dying to 100% know the sex. I’m leaning towards male but I’m so hoping I’m wrong lol. I will love this little one just the same no matter what though.


I guess you’ll have to see! Hopefully yours turns out to be a female, crossing my fingers for you!


I’m in agreement here. Hard to tell for sure in the picture though.


Can hognoses not be popped like other colubrids? Popping would be easier and less risky than probing at least.

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@ashleyraeanne they can be but from what I’ve gathered it’s a little harder on hognoses. I could absolutely be wrong but that just seems to mentioned frequently. I do have a decent reptile shop in the area that offers help with sexing so I might bring him/her there. Still want to do the DNA test though since it will be the most accurate.

I after looking back at your picture and the fact that it was 3 o’clock in the morning, I would have to agree with @saleengrinch and @trnreptiles that you baby is a male. I am sorry if that lead or suede you in anyway.