Is she building, or just chubby?

Posting this because I am paranoid I am wrong on this whole thing. Also, do note that she has some weird swelling going on around her mouth and throat.
She had a case of mouth rot (which was treated by a vet) and since then the swelling seems to come and go. It doesn’t appear to bother her in any way, she was still eating and drinking despite it. My vet told me it wasn’t a cause for concern, so I haven’t been too worried about it.

I paired my butter female up with my butter spinner male back in May. They locked a handful of times:

Before then, I was feeding 1 medium rat every 2 weeks. I had switched her to 1 small rat per week.

I hadn’t been paying attention to see if she was “cool-seeking” as I didn’t think she would go this late in the year.

However, she has been displaying some other signs, like laying weird:

She also went off food about 2 weeks ago (she last ate for me on August 10th) and I find her on her heat side most of the time.
I’ve tried putting the same male in with her, but she seems unreceptive to his advances now. She also shed on August 25th, not too long ago.

This is her today:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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You can start watching for pre-ovulation behavior, such as hugging the heat for a few days and moving to the cool side, rinse repeat. She’s building heavily at this point. In about a month you will probably see pre-ov swell and a few days to a week later, ovulation! Congrats bud!


Thank you so much for the response! I was stressing myself out so much over this, it’s my first attempt at breeding so I’m relieved to know that I’m not just crazy haha
Super excited to see how many she lays and what the babies will come out to be!

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