Is she Desert Ghost or not?

Hi everyone.

Firstly I want to thank everybody for all their posts, pics and information. I am a newbie on the group, but have been keeping snakes forever.

With the huge amount of experience of everyone on this group, I am asking for some help to confirm genetics or possible genetics of one of my ball python ladies.

I acquired her at a Reptile Expo in Johannesburg and she was sold to me as a Leopard Pastel Pos Het Desert Ghost.

She seems to be changing color, and that is why I am asking for some help. I have tried looking for Pastel Leopard Desert Ghosts and Leopard Desert Ghosts and Desert Ghost in general, but I am still not 100% sure.

I guess my question is, do you think she is a Leopard Desert Ghost, Leopard Pastel Desert Ghost or just like I was told a Leopard Pastel Pos Desert Ghost. Her color keeps on becoming lighter.

The pictures are of her 1 day after she shed.

Thank you to everyone, even if you don’t know it, you guys/gals have helped me for many years.

Kind Regards
Extreme Exotics



Firstly from one Saffa to another, welcome!

That is a pastel leopard, definitely not a pastel leopard dg. I nice example of pastel and leopard though​:+1::wink:

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Thanks so much, really appreciate it.

I have never had Desert Ghosts, so it’s a project I am definately going to get into.

My breeding season is well under way and first clutch should be here tomorow. Whoop whoop

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Looks like you have a very nice pastel leopard, you will have to bred it out to prove the ph dg part.
Here are examples of desert ghost, pastel dg and super pastel dg as a reference for ya.


Thanks so much, appreciate it.
Yeah, seems I will have to wait and prove her out. Thanks for the pics!!!

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I would have to go with nice Pastel Leopard as well.

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Thank you so much. I knew that if I asked on the forum, I would be helped.
It is really appreciated.