Is she going to lay or did she reabsorb?

My female normal seems to have lost size without laying eggs. Today is 39 days post shed. She had gained a lot of size, she was as big around as a man’s arm and off feed for 3 weeks. Is this normal? Might she still lay? If so would they be slugs? Is it possible for them to have not been fertilized to cause this (the male is suspicious to me as he just isn’t flourishing like the others)? Is there anything I can do to prevent it in the future? If she did reabsorb them how long of a break does she need before I try again with a different male?

I’m very bummed out as it was going to be my first ever clutch, but I’m willing to give her a second chance. I really just want to know what went wrong so I don’t do that again, my animals are pets before a hobby so their welfare comes first.

This is her a week ago, as big around as a man’s arm.

Her this morning almost back to her normal size (she peed but I cleaned it after pics)

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Did you already witness an ovulation before her last shed? The 30 day timeline between ovulation and laying is only a guideline. I’ve had females hold eggs over 60 days after prelay. It’s unusual but I usually have one female a year good for it.

From the looks of your picture, the top one looks like it could be a swell or ovulation. It usually lasts anywhere from 2 days to almost a week, but normally 2-3 days. Once the ovulation swelling goes down it takes approximately 45-50 days before eggs arrive. You still have time. Try not to overthink the timeline. It will happen.


I did not, she stayed big and swollen for almost the last 30 days and easily a week before the shed. I have several pics of her turned upside down, on her side, kept track of her weight weekly (I’d have to check her card again). Is it normal for them to hold girth for a month and go back to normal and still have good eggs?

Thank you so much! I’ve just been so excited about this and now getting overly concerned :sweat_smile:

Where is she currently located in the enclosure when at rest.

Heat, if pulled off to weigh she goes right back

Based on her color glowing), the picture a week ago, and location you may have had your timeline wrong on ovulation.

And the previous shed might just have been a regular shed and not your pre-lay.

Of course not knowing the animal or examining the animal in person makes it hard to gauge.

If she is however 39 days POS as you seem to think here is a quick way to get an idea on eggs, number etc.

Take your female out and stretch her (head up, tail down) in front of you (looking at her profile), than reverse the position head down tail up…if she is that far along you will be able to count the eggs as you see them move. Obviously be gentle.

And I too have had females going 50 days POS.

I’ll do that as soon as I get home! Maybe I am just worrying too much lol

I don’t really see much of a difference holding her that way, should she be more squishy in that area than she was? She used to be more like a solid muscle (even if she wasn’t actually tense) and now she has a little more squish

If you do not see much of a difference than the timeline is probably wrong if she was 39 days POS you would see bumps all throughout and more obvious towards the cloaca and when you reverse the position you would be able to see them move and count them.

Chances are the pic from a week ago was your ovulation and the start if your countdown, again hard for anyone to guess when they don’t observe the animal in person.

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I would agree with Deborah. I think she’s going to go into her prelay shed soon. If she just ovulated, you’ll think she looks a little “normal” for the next few weeks. Eggs should begin to grow during this time.

March 1st

March 15th

March 27th

April 9th

I can totally believe I got over excited! I’ll definitely be watching her better for another shed and real egg building!

March 15th was your swell/build and your ovulation is on March 27th. That’s a typical timeline from build to ovulation. So now your next shed will be your prelay. Congrats on your first clutch, whether it’s good or bad. I have high hopes for you. You can start the countdown to lay with the next shed.


Woohoo Blue!!

Thank you so much!!! I was getting worried :sweat_smile:. You guys are awesome!!


TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Had a dream and woke up needing to check on her, what do I find!? 3 big beautiful eggs!! After about an hour she is up to 5 with more to go, my bet is 8 for now lol. She has peed on one but I’m sure it will wipe off when I go to put them in the incubator

I had just weighed her last night so maybe once she’s done and not grumpy I’ll weigh her and the eggs to see what the difference is!


Congratulations! What was the pairing?

Total of 9 beautiful eggs and a mom now almost 1000g lighter! She’s a normal and was paired to a Scaleless Head male, so should be normals and SHs


Congrats on the eggs!! When I was reading this the first though that came to mind, through experience, is to just have patience & wait it out because there’s nothing more we can do about it either way. So awesome that she did her job for you…now the real wait begins for those little heads to start poking through!

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Patience is a virtue that I don’t have :joy::joy::joy:. I am super excited to actually see them though lol

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Congrats blue! You better show us the babies when they hatch! :wink:

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I don’t think I could keep it a secret even if I wanted to :joy::joy: