Is she gravid? *corn snake*

Is she gravid or just chunky? She was paired 12/20 (visual lock). She’s now in a shed cycle, hence the dull look to her. She’s normally much brighter. Also second photo shows her bottom 3rd, I just took a poop out of her tub so it’s not that. She refused food this week also. Thanks, Zoe


I would lean yes. It’s not super obvious, but in the first picture I think I’m seeing a bit of that chubby triangular shape that gravid females get.

Edited to add, I missed the date you specified you witnessed a lock. She shouldn’t be going into a pre lay shed this soon. She may be ovulating though. I would try pairing her again after her shed and see how she behaves. You can also easily palpate eggs by letting her slither through a thin sheet or pillow case while you apply gentle pressure to her spine and belly with your thumb and index finger. Eggs will feel like a string of lumps.


Update: she wasn’t gravid!! I didn’t have any visual locks. Just a big poop. She shed about 18 days ago now and I have repaired her three times (visual lock each time) this time she was VERY responsive.