Is she gravid?

This is my first year breeding, my local breeding mentor decided to get out of the ball pythons world. This female has been pairing with my hypo Enchi lemonblast male since January. She shed March 24th, and has gained weight steadily since. Went off food about two weeks ago. Her tentative lay date I put for May 6-9th. Would I be right in saying she is gravid? (Excuse the dirty water I was in the middle of feeding and water change when I took this). She’s been laying on her side this morning so my fingers are crossed.


If you posted a photo, it didn’t come through. Try posting the photo by itself, and you’ll get some answers :slight_smile:


I just reupload it, is it appearing now? Thank you!


The photo is there, but by the look of it no one will be able to tell you if she was gravid or not. It’s been 41 days since her last shed, so you might get eggs in a few days if she actually is (so you’re right about your egg timeline).

Check out this pictorial and see if she matches up with what you’ve seen personally.