Is the pinkness normal after a shed?

So my BP justshed and he has a little bit of blood near his exit. Is this normal? ![IMG_20210206_104344|375x500](u


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That’s normal! I see it quite often when my own ball pythons shed


i thought it was since he just shed but had to make sure. thx alot.


Could you explain why? Normally my snake’s belly turns pink when he is getting ready to shed but after he sheds I do not notice any blood

I’m not entirely sure why it happens, I’m assuming it has to do with how the skin is attached around the cloacal area.

I will specify that I don’t see it every time my snakes shed, but I do see it sometimes. I just know it isn’t harmful or anything to really worry about.

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He is also growing a lot right now so maybe that has something to do with it. only 5-6month old

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