Is there a safe paint to use on glass that won't come off?

I was at my mommas house and i saw these aquariums my brother has for his betas. I thought maybe i could re-purpose them for adolescent scorpions.

I purchased 2 as a trial but i definitely need to do some modification. 1. Need to make a screen top instead of the glass top it came with to help humidity not building up and for air. 2. I will need to use my aquarium sealer on the panels to make sure there is no way the other scorpions can somehow move it ( doubt they could but ive seen my animals do unexpected things. 3. I want to paint the bottom portion like a good 1/3 to half so that the scorpion don’t get stressed by possibly seeing the neighbors.

What is a good non toxic paint i can use that wont easily scratch off of glass? Scorpions have 2 little claws at the ends of their legs that help them grip things.

I dont want for them to somehow possibly scratch it off and possibly get to where it may harm.
If anyone has any idea that is pet safe regarding a paint solution id greatly appreciate it.

I currently keep my babies in small 2.5x2.5 snaptop containers and then my 3i/4i in 12oz 4.5 rounds which i lay out on one of my shelves and place my Vivosun heat pad ( because it has no sticky) on top at about 86° this mat is like 20" so my adolescent scorpions take up a lot more space than id like. With this i could house more scorpions in the same space and use 1 heat pad to heat all 3 parts. I think these will give them a bit more space to walk about if they wish. I do have 2 of my 4i scorpions in a 12x12 but thats a lot of room for them.

Thanks again for any advise

I can’t think of a paint that would be safe to use offhand. Typically anything fish safe is considered a standard for reptiles and such but I don’t know how it affects inverts

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Thanks i was thinking maybe static cling window tint maybe. Im trying to think of whats best for them. Even though they have poor eyesight they can see movement and shadows and im sure that if close enough they could see the other.

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What about plasti-dip? I have heard of people using it to coat the inside of enclosures before, but it also might peel off if they’re scratching at it a lot

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Any exterior grade paint or enamel spray paint will work. Once it’s cured, it’s inert latex or enamel, I can’t see how it could possibly harm something that isn’t chewing on it. If you let the paint cure for 5-7 days, you’ll be fine.

If you use spray paint, paint it really light and sparse each coat to avoid drips. Runs and drips are really hard to clean up.

When I kept my Leopard Geckos in 20 gallons I just painted the back outside of the tanks, so that’s an option too.


Im looking to paint the dividers just block the sight of one scorpion to the other kinda like what a privacy curtain does for us.

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You’ll be fine to just use spray paint. I had painted dividers in a couple of the gecko tanks that I cut myself out of acrylic, and painted with spray paint.


Krylon makes a aquarium safe paint called Fusion I think. If its fish/water leaching safe its safe for others.

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An alternative to paint that would achieve the same goal might be to just glue some fabric pieces cut to size onto the glass. That would be less messy and smelly than paint, especially if you don’t have an outdoor area to paint it and let it cure. Spray paint fumes aren’t great for people or animals in enclosed spaces. (I can’t remember if you have an outdoor space.) Just be sure to use non-toxic glue. Hot glue would probably get the job done. Just an idea!

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