Is there a scammer alert section?

Hi y’all! I had sold some snakes to someone on here and the buyer said that one of them was mis identified as a male instead of a female. He wanted a refund and to return the snake. So I did refund him and he has not returned said snake and is avoiding me. I was wondering if there was a section to post him to and to warn other sellers of this guy? Thank you!

While you can contact a staff member and get MorphMarket involved, the forum is not for reviewing buyers or sellers, whether the case be positive or negative.


You might try posting in the Facebook group called Herpetoculture Feedback and Inquiry.

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Because of the severity of this kind of thing it needs to go to MM support directly. You can do so by starting an incident report here:


I’d just like to add that in the future I would recommend not issuing any refunds until the animal(s) in question have been returned to your facility and inspected to make sure everything is in order… really sucks that you’re having to deal with that though!


There is a wonderful tip for sellers in general. It allows there to be some protection, just as not shipping the animal until received payment does the same kind of thing.

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