Is there a super acid?

Does the acid morph have a super form or is it like the pinstripe gene where there is no super? I tried looking a few places and haven’t found any info on the subject. Thanks in advance y’all are awesome

Acid is still relatively new to the ball python scene in terms of it being widely available now and more people working with it but as far as I know people have not made a super. @t_h_wyman works with acid so he could most likely give you more insight on it.

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I’m contemplating buying into it I just wanna do some research first. And I know it’s a stupid question but is it a dominant trait that doesn’t have a super form?

Not a stupid question at all.

At this time we do not know but it is looking as if it may be just a simple dominant trait. To date, Josh has done four Acid x Acid breedings and @jkobylka has done two Confusion x Confusion (that I know of). Neither of them produced anything that was distinctly visually different. That means we are left with waiting on the visual animals from those clutches to breed out and see if they produce 100% visuals. Two of the males that Josh produced from his breedings have proven to be single gene, so we are left to wait on the females he male to mature. I do not know what the sexes of Kobylka’s animals were but I have to imagine that if he had proven anything to be a “super” then he would have mentioned it in a video or something

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Acid/confusion are like calico/sugar?

As I noted above, at this time we do not know. It is looking likely, but a few more breeding trials should be done before we settle on an answer.