Is there a way to download saved items?

i like to keep saved items of animals I have purchased or animals I greatly admire and hope to purchase someday. Is there, or could there be a way to download these items to one’s computer?

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There is no need to download anything :wink:

Just highlight your saved list like this…

Open a spreadsheet (Google Sheets is free and paste it in the top right corner…

Give it a little clean up using the colour tools and waalaa!


Thanks. I meant the actual adds with pictures and descriptions.

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Not that I know of, but you can take a screen shot and save them to folders. I do that when I see something I like or a combo I want to make eventually


Ah right, my bad.
Sorry, no there is no way to do that.
It would be nice but unfortunately it would make scammers job twice as easy.

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Oh, I never thought of that.:thinking: Maybe a way to archive saved items one wants to keep but not necessarily in view all of the time?

You’re right, export (like the sellers can do) would be useful here.