Is there a way to report sellers who are photoshopping their animals for sale?

Is there a way to report to MorphMarket about sellers using photoshopped pictures? I was cruising for a new Beardie and wow at the people using not only over-saturation but balls-out photoshopped like the PURPLE (like full-on grape purple) dragon that was posted for 5k a few weeks ago.

There were a few really nice dragons I wanted but I’m not buying anything where you can see they used over saturation. I’m not spending a few hundred dollars to get an animal who was falsely presented just to give a seller a low rating for their deceivement. What’s sad is a lot of people don’t know what to look for with doctored photos and fall for this crap.

I remember a year or so ago I was looking for a male axanthic BP to add to my line and a dude was using the black and white filter photos to make the snake look like it was actually back and white. When I messaged the seller asking for a non-filtered photo I was told "I used the B&W filter because when you take a photo of him he looks brown but is really black and white…really dude that’s the best excuse you got? It looks brown because it is brown /facepalm


If the picture is deceptive and majorly changes the look of an animal then you can use the report button under the ad and report it.


As Erie mentions, if you see a ad that you believe is altered in any way then please use the report button that can be found on each ad…



This will send a message to MorphMarket Support who will look in to it and will remove the ad until it is fixed (or remove the seller from MorphMarket if we believe they are attempting to be purposely deceptive).


Thank you sooo much! I don’t see how I missed the little flag button lol