Is there no opt-out for starred categories?

I’d like to leave the starred rating for item description blank for a purchase, but otherwise give 5 stars and overall positive rating with a brief verbal that addresses description aspect in feedback comment section. It has been twice rejected by MM w/o explanation, but I assume this because I left that category entry empty?

I normally would have the answer to questions like this but I think that @eaglereptiles might be better equipped to let you know. I hope this helps.


I’m confused. Are you saying that you could normally handle a routine question regarding the possibility of opt-out option? Or that my particular case requires special attention?

Lol sorry, I can normally help with anything that has to do with the marketplace but I am unsure of the workings of what you are talking about.

I think most user rating systems offer an opt-out for specific categories & it would be nice to know why my specific feedback was rejected. I’m saddened that you respond with “lol” when I ask about MM routine protocol.

I am sorry, and didn’t mean for it to come off unprofessional. It is 3 am where I am at. Please forgive me, honestly I wasn’t dismissing your thoughts and concerns in anyway.

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Well, now that we are speaking personally - I was going WAY out of my way to give credit to a seller for snake I do not think I can ever breed per my plans and may cost me thousands of dollars for pet upkeep over its lifetime.

I think I could have avoided this, had I asked just a few more questions before purchase. This is on me, and I accept that. I only wanted to give credit to the seller for the positive things that are very worthy of credit and swallow the description issue as a buyer learning lesson that pictures can be VERY misleading.

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Hey @beheco

Unfortunately at this moment in time, all of the star feilds need a input for a rating to save… However you do bring up a good reason to think about changing this. For now though, your best option is to leave them an average rating for the category you wished to leave blank.


Im totally confused here i forget anyway what categories you star for the seller and i buy lots of animals.

I screwed up and bought my 1st Rosy thinking i could breed her but it turns out shes not compatible so now she is a pet :woman_shrugging: why not sell the animal since you are unable to use it in your breeding project? That way you won’t be burdened with the 1000s of $$$ you say you will be out. I think there are 4? Areas for 1 to 5 stars that involve your experience with the seller. You buying the wrong animal is 100% your fault as you say, so how can anything be about the seller unless they lied or something, you did buy an animal, you did communicate with them, you did purchase and did have it shipped and received. Not sure why anyone would decline to leave the stars/feedback. Sales can sometimes be determined by the number of positive feedbacks and overall ratings. To me stars, ratings, reviews help me determine if i should deal with someone. Im always willing to give a person the benefit of doubt if i saw 1 maybe 2 bad vs lots of positive, I’d likely chock it up to individuals being unhappy for whatever now if tons of people leave negative with a few positive, im going to believe the many. Those star ratings help assess a system of trustworthiness, so if everyone opted out, then there wouldn’t be confidence in purchasing.

I look at overall rating and the 1st spot after i weed out lower rating is the negative reviews. 1 or 2 maybe just the purchasing person, many then im like i don’t trust you. If a seller has 100s or 1000s of reviews do you think i have time to read through them all? So the star system seems like a good start.