Is there something wrong with our girl?

So we have this cinpin we bought at repticon last November… She only weighs 200g, however we bought another snake at the same time and she’s already 350-400g on a good day. I hear some snakes just take longer to grow and what not.

So today was feed day for all of our snakes. (Cinpin missed a meal)

We have ASFs and rats… We have NEVER had her miss a meal period, she takes mice like a champ but moving our snakes to rats now. She would not take a small rat 5 days ago, and would not take a ASF either.

So my question is does she look okay to you all? We think she a little on the slim side and are already going to take some poo to the vet to have tested.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Belly shots… And her belly is not that pink in person it is very white.

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For size comparison to the super enchi we got at the same time. She did just chow down a ASF.

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She looks fine. They vary in size and metabolic efficiency just like us.


Thanks. It’s just weird that she will only take mice and not even a hearty asf

This is something that is rarely brought up when it comes to snakes not growing.

I went to school with a set of “identical” twins, one was the tallest and broadest in the school, while the other was challenging for the smallest twig award. They were completely identical… even had the same freckle in the same spot of their cheek… but they grew diffrently.


It is not weird at all. Some animals are more inclined toward one prey type over another. Some animals are more geared toward the size of the prey than others are. Part of being a keeper is learning about the specifics of each of your animals and working to provide the best care for them within those boundaries.


I have just brought 2 males, 1 is a month older and considerably smaller and the other is a big chunk!
They’re all different :grin:
One of my other boys will only take small meals where as the female whose same age (22 days younger) is smashing bigger, but the male seems wary of the size she’s on so he takes less.

Don’t worry too much :blush:


yeah its just a PITA (pain in the arse), cause she def is a great eater, just sucks have to buy mice rather than eat what were currently breeding. we dont really want to start breeding mice either.

Thank you all for the help!

this works for me, thaw a mouse and a rat. tease the snake with the mouse when the snake is ready to strike do a switch. it can take multiple tries, 60% of the time it works every time. good luck


Ahhh great idea… However she won’t take frozen at all, we have tried MANY TIMES. Last night I came home with some mice, dropped it in and she was all over it in less than 10 secs.

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Try scenting the rats or asfs. Get used mice bedding, put it in a bag (a brown paper bag works well). Take a rat pup/asf, put it in the same bag with said bedding and leave the prey in the bag for a bit with the bedding. I would give it a try.

Sometimes converting a BP over to f/t or another form of prey can be frustrating, one girl took me 8 months so I totally get it. As was said earlier, its up to us to figure them out. Best of luck!

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Nice I like that idea! Thank you

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