Is this a Caramel?

I saw this snake at the pet store and I thought it had enchi, but the salesman said it was a caramel albino. What makes this caramel gene?


Take this with a grain of salt, but based from a quick Google search that doesn’t look like a caramel albino at all.

To me it looks more like a lesser/butter just from the coloration and pattern. I’d wait for more input though!


Hmm…I could see it being lesser or butter but my first thought was hypo.


This is my baby butter female for reference… though this baby does look a little more orangeish compared to mine


pretty baby

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@mdkhalil Carmel albino have red eyes. So I would say no based on the eyes.

Ah ok. This snake for sure didn’t have red eyes! I wonder what it is then. Probably never know as I’m sure the folks who sell to the major chain petstores don’t include pedigrees like the good breeders here do.

Looks like a Caramel Albino to me, they look more like Ultramels than regular Albinos or Lavender Albinos. Here’s a picture of one that I found on Morphmarket:

You have to careful with them though, female visual Caramel Albinos have fertility issues and the babies can come out kinked. Hets and visual males can breed without issues for the most part (from what I heard, though I have seen YouTube videos where even the hets can make kinked babies). I would go with Monarch or Ultramel if you want a similar looking morph without the issues. The eyes aren’t as red as a regular Albinos either you have to see it in the right lighting to notice it, I have an Ultramel who has sorta red tinted eyes, but the color itself isn’t red.