Is this a fire fly or a pastel

Ok guys I have bought a pastle, that was from a fire x pastle clown. The breeder wasnt 100% so listed as a pastle
I see a slight bit of orange but dont no if fire fly hadcan have orange in them

What do you think

Fire fly or pastle

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IMO that is a firefly


@dan88 firefly! Nice looking snake!

Thanks guys looks like I have been lucky then. Was unsure as I do see a slight bit of orange and didnt no if the fire fly had orange in it

As already said a nice firefly :blush:

Fireflies, as well as most morphs in general can be quite variable! That’s a pretty one you have there!

Judging from how bright its head is id say firefly

It being Het for clown seems to have made it brighter and cleaner than some fireflies. Noice :ok_hand: