İs this a good crested gecko to buy?

İ want to buy a crested gecko and i found a seller. he says this is a “cream solid back”? adult male crested gecko. What is the morph and is the animal healthy looking?

Ekran Alıntısı

Not a solid back.

It’s a harlequin pinstripe.

Looks slim in first pic, but depends what you’re working with breeding wise too? What morphs you wanting to produce etc?


Thanks for your answer. İm looking to breed geckos. İ dont have any specific morphs in my mind. Theres not much options in my country so i cant decide for the morphs im getting

can it be a extreme harlequin?

I agree with Ghoulish Cresties, it’s not a solid back or an extreme.

He’s a pinstripe harlequin.

He does look a little skin in first pic, but I know sometimes that’s just the way the pic had been taken.

Do you know age& weight?

There is a guide on mm website and I made one on here that tells you a little about morphs & traits. That can show you the difference between harlequin and extreme

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What is this morph. Seller says its extreme harlequin but i dont think it is.


He’s not an extreme.

Pic isn’t the best to say for sure but I’d say he is a pin dash harlequin with portholes

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thanks but what are portholes? is it a good trait for breeding?

Believe that is the small holes on the laterals of the gecko, that are kinda like spots. I’m just learning though

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He’s a harlequin pin dash Dalmatian (spots I wouldn’t put to anything other than clean dals).
Portholes are the white spots on side, a lot have them.
He also has the tiger trait.


Yes portholes are the white spots along the laterals.

I didn’t notice the spots so yes he’s a harlequin pin dash dalmation with portholes.

Regarding spots, they are not great to breed unless clean dalmation (patternless).

Personally I wouldn’t breed him due to the spots as will limit to pet only geckos which will be harder to sell compared to Geckos without spots or patternless dalmations. Will also lower the price

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