Is this a good trade?

So I got offered an adult male leopard yb for my female pastel enchi subadult do you guys think that’s a fair trade or no? @nathan_e @wreckroomsnakes

My pastel enchi

Their yb leopard

Since it is from Craigslist I wouldn’t do it (especially since you just got a potentially sick snake from there). I would rather keep my females than trade for a male. Since males don’t take much time to raise up/aren’t as expensive.


Yes! I think you can do much more with leopard and Yellowbelly. If that was me I absolutely would have made the trade.

I know but I need a breed able male atm my current one is only 3 months old and no where near ready and I’m sending the sick one out for treatment

If you really need em that badly then go ahead, just make sure it is healthy when you pick it up. Don’t want to have to pay for a vet on that one too.


@bob_marley Looks like their snake is a pastel leo, may have yb but hard to tell from the pic. Like others had said if he fits your plans more than she does then go for it but you may be better off just raising up that female

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Yes I will and hes a local breeder with an albino male so I might end making breeding plans in the future with him

I would say that I guess that you could go with the trade. But I don’t really see the point, I mean if your male is a good eater Grow 'em Bigger, Faster...Breed sooner!
Could work. Or if you are looking on adding a new snake I would say that the best idea is that you buy from a reputable breeder on MM.

Just My Two Cents

How many females do you currently own? And how many males?

Are any of your females ready to breed now? Or do they have some more time to add weight or age?

I currently have 2 females the adult albino which is 1400 grams and the subadult pastel enchi around 800 grams and 2 juvenile males
The albino could use a little bit more weight but not much to be breeding size @mnroyals

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That would make you male heavy if you did that trade, which I’m sure you know.
Overall Leopard is an amazing gene, which from that picture that male definitely has.
It would be a hard one for me to do honestly, because females are much better to have than males. And if it was me, I’d hold onto your female and try to find or invest in a Leopard male with het for albino to match your other female. Some males can and will breed around 500-650 grams, so it doesn’t take that long honestly. And before that you need a feeder supply for your hatchlings, tubs to house them in, an incubator and some side cash for your hatchlings( never know what will come up and you need a reserve of cash for breeding). So unless you have all those key parts of breeding lined up, I wouldn’t trade.

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I realized that I made a slight mistake one of them is a mystery gender so I have for sure 2 females a male and 1 idk gender

Then I would definitely hold onto your other female given you don’t know the correct sex ratio of your collection.
And I would definitely research more into breeding and make sure it’s something you really want to commit to, and not just an exciting idea.

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Ok thank you

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I don’t think I’d make the trade, especially given that you’re looking to pair with your female albino. I think you’d be better off looking for a male on MM that’s at least het albino and maybe some other co-dom gene or two. A leopard het albino, black pastel het albino, or something like that seems like it would work better for your breeding purposes, and then you could pair it to your Enchi a year or two down the line when she’s bigger as well.


Why do you need to breed this season? Why not wait until next season so you can:

  • Grow up the male you have (which I have to assume you purchased because it did fit in with your future plans)?
  • Grow the female up to a bit larger size so she is in excellent condition for breeding?

I would not trade a 2 genes female that is halfway there in size for that male, the only one that will get a good deal here is the other party. A fair trade would be a MALE Enchi YB for a male Leo YB

Breeding is not a race or competition, keep what you have grow it and breed when they are ready.

Because YOU want to breed this year does not mean they will anyway.


Since everyone has gotten here before me and already given very good responses as to why it is not a fair trade I will just give you a short answer and say no this isn’t a fair trade. Females hold their value much better anyways where as males do not.