Is this a typical signiture of het albino(in black pastel)?

Hi, my baby ball pythons are hatched out few weeks ago and just found a strange coloration in two of them. They are the baby from black pastel pied x black pastel albino union.

here’s the pics

So which means the babys are black pastel het pied het albino(double het)

as u guys can see, middle one is definitely the black pastel double het albino pied. but two others have more light coloration compare to the middle one.
left and right has the same coloration and it’s more lighter then the picture.

Is this the typical signiture of het albino? or would their parents have a some kind of hidden recessive gene?

wait for ur help.

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Albino is a recessive gene and by the scientific definition recessive genes do not have heterozygous influence. So the only way you’ll be able to tell is by knowing the pairing and calculating the percentage rates.

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This would leave you with all the babies being 100% albino and 100% pied. The only difference being no black pastel, black pastel , or super black pastel.

This is the calculator result of your pairing


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As far as I’m aware there are no markers for het albino and since markers are generally not necessarily trustworthy I wouldn’t count on it. They are all dh albino pied so I wouldn’t say there’s any correlation. It looks like you got two black pastel and one normal all dh

As has already been noted:

  1. Albino is a recessive trait so there are not “markers” for it
  2. All of your animals are double hets, so if there were a “marker”, then all of the animals would have it

thx for your answer.
All three came from the same mother and father.

Left: normal dh albino pied
middle: unknown dh albino pied (definitely the black pastel in it, maybe something mixed)
right: black pastel dh albino pied for sure

I really want to know wht has happened to the middle one.

I would wait until they’ve had their first sheds for IDing. But can you post pictures of the parents here maybe there’s something underlying in them. But personally to me the middle one looks normal, do keep in mind that normals are extremely variable in messiness and cleanliness.

OK sir, here is the pic of their parents

and more picture of middle one (these two looks same coloration)
patterns… I am sure that patterns come from black pastel gene.

black pastel

middle one

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Nothing has happened to it, it is just one of the outlier expressions of BlkPastel - A little less bold, almost Cinny in appearance. You work with BlkPastel enough and you learn to recognize them