Is this banana cinnamon het pied worth the price?

Hello, I’m fairly new to ball pythons. I have a male Pied named Paul, currently that I love. I want to get a female and I’ve found one I quite like on Craigslist. They are asking $800 and I’m unsure if that is a good or bad deal. She was hatched in 2020 and is around 300 grams currently. She is supposedly a Banana cinnamon het pied. Can someone with more experience give me their opinion, it would be very much appreciated!


I don’t believe that we can discuss pricing or acceptability of pricing on the form due to a community guidelines

I can link similar snakes on so you can compare them for yourself.

Click Me!

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Oh ok, I was hoping we could. My bad! I haven’t seen any with the het pie gene yet elsewhere, just banana cinnamons.

I hope the link helps :grin:

It does, thank you!

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Banana female ball pythons are worth quite a bit more than males.


This is very true because of the gene recombination that allows a female to be a banana

My biggest suggestion before you purchase would be check if it’s actually a male or a female



I was going to ask them to meet at a serpentarium. I would think that way it could be probed and then give me another opinion on gender. I’ve heard that bananas pies are rare to be female.

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They are pretty rare.

PS Welcome to the community :tada::tada::tada:! I hope that you are enjoying here, and that you can grow along with our community in the love of reptiles and people.


I wouldn’t risk buying a het on craigslist usually it’s just a scam to sell it faster


Check Morph Market for Banana het pied. I believe they have a few that I would pick over that one.
I have been looking for one also.

They send me this receipt of where they got it from so it seems legit?

Well I think I can tag them to check


I think that is him
LOL if is not

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It would also be wise to confirm that it is the same one in question. So if they can send you more photos and if the breeder is on the forum, maybe they still have photos of her to confirm the patterns.

They could quite easily have bought her and just selling off other random bananas and using that receipt as their way of proving the one they are selling is in fact her. Allowing them to roll out multiple bananas fast at that price, with people thinking they are getting a deal, seeing their proof of purchase of said ball python and not wanting to miss out.

I really hope this isn’t the case, but it is always a possibility.

you can get a banana het pied female for $650.00 on Morph Market.
not naming anyone in particular. over 200grams

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I wouldnt buy anything live from craigslist

edit - only exception rats/mice

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Stay away from Craigslist

BUY from Morph Market


Just to clear this up. We can discuss pricing in a broad sense like OPs above post. Its more of a issue when a post is aimed at criticising a breeders pricing. :blush:

This is by far the best way to answer this question though!


Breeder confirmed that it is indeed the same snake and pricing is accurate.

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