Is This Crested Gecko A Soft Scale?


Can anyone tell me if my crestie, named Vanilla, is a soft scale or anything else? it’s been bugging me since I got a baby soft scale last week.
Something has always been different with Vanilla, but I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what it is.

This Crestie is approximately 23g, no lineage but from a Lilly White pairing. I have added a (fired up) pic of her sibling Caramel, that is not as soft or as bright as Vanilla.
I’ve had them both since they were approx 2 months old

Vanilla is soft to touch, softer than my baby soft scale. Could the softness just be down to the Lilly White pairing?

I’ve tried to get close up pics (not fully fired) but my hands tend to shake when I’m taking pictures so I find it difficult.

Any help would be great.