Is this cutie gravid

Hello i asked you guys about having hides while pairing and I got a lot of information and a lot of positive feedback, loving this community more and more everyday.

Now that I have seen locks multiple times since December. My snake is acting a little bit cuter than usual. First of she shitted heavily (as in a lot) which I believe is a good sign that she is healthy. Now this week she started laying in the water bowl that she had made empty by her self and she look a little bit swallen. However she is eating like a king while the male isn’t eating at all. In the morning she lays on the hot side while in the night she lays in this empty water bowl. I have put another water bowl so she can still have water access. She has also turned much blacker and greener. Do you think I should be ready for babies :heart_eyes:


I think your well on your way. But if she eating heavily I would say she’s not quite there.