Is This Even Worth It

So, I’m planning on pairing these two up later this year - I want a few months to put more weight on the female. She should be hitting the 2000g mark in a month or so. I know nothing unique, new, or otherwise spectacular will come of the pairing - I just think they are both gorgeous and wouldn’t mind seeing what Disco does to some of the combos. What is your opinion on this pairing? If you switched out the male, what would you use?

Pastel Specter Spark

Pastel Disco Yellowbelly


If you like how the parents look, and think the offspring will look nice — then I’d say it’s worth the pairing! Work with what you like, and do what you love! You might get some cool babies you can keep and raise up for future breeding!


More important than anything else when breeding animals is to work with what you like. Pied and clown are so prominently available because so many people love them.


Cool pairing! Were you shooting for super stripes and pumas all along?


Yes, that was the original plan. I have around 35 ball pythons and have just started thinking about pairings. I’m not overly concerned with producing “the next big thing” - I just want to produce quality animals for the novice and experienced alike.


Hi risk for a bunch of Black Eyed Lucys

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Zero risk disco doesn’t make Lucy’s.