Is this guy a special gene or something of sorts. Import i bout last year

20191224_101749|375x500 20191224_101650 20191224_101645 20191224_101635 20191224_101605 this guy has lightened up with every shed. What would yall pair this import to? Lets here those opinions.

If by special you mean the morph named Special then I would say no. Specials tend to have a lot brighter colouration in the alien heads, with absent or reduced “eyes” within them alien heads and extremely heavy blushing.

I’d say it is either a really nice Normal or a low expression Pastel… But more experienced users might think differently.

A picture in natural lighting will help a lot, as would belly pictures and a close up of the face and eyes.

I would think you’d want to pair it with a normal and see if it throws anything funky

I think it has some of the signs of animals from the black-eyed leucistic complex, with the head stamp, light color and ragged alien eyes. I’d pair it with a fire and see what happens. By no means am I saying that it is definitely a morph, I just think that is what it looks closest to.

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SAM_2085 SAM_2086 SAM_2088 20190529_204725 20190529_204744 20190529_204926 20190529_210918 20190529_205046
First 3 pics recent the rest are unboxing day with fb sticker in bg.

To my understanding doesnt special brighten as it ages?

Pastels usually (but not always) have green eyes, so I’m going to go with @westridge on this and say it could be a Fire.

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I think it either kinda looks like a fire, or it is just a lighter colored normal. Most likely a normal that just looks slightly different from what one usually sees.