Is this hatchling just a normal pastel yb or got some more gene on it?

Hi guys, Sorry for my ad English :joy:

I got a hatchling with a weird busy pattern from Pastel Ivory x Super Pastel Yellow Belly.
He have more busy patterns than his mom (Super Pastel Yellow Belly).
I think he have a another gene like Leopard, GHI, Hra something.

You guys have any idea? or just normal Pastel Yellow Belly?

If you need more information about his look, feel free to ask.


Did you produce the dam and sire?
I’m not too familiar with pastel ivories but if I had to guess, mom’s got something else going on.
It almost looks hurricane, blitz, trick like.
Awesome looking either way!

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Both dam and sire weren’t produced by me, I bought them.

The info I knew about his parents were only the morphs.
I’m not so sure about both parents though, dam might’ve came from Dynasty Reptiles and sire might be a Corey Woods’ descendants

I’ll be looking up for hurricane, blitz and trick for now.
Thanks for the answer!

Can you post pics of the rest of the clutch? is this her first time breeding or has she been paired prior? Pastel yb can be a little funky sometimes.

I agree, my first thought was hurricane/trick or something related. Some of the markings do resemble GHI but I’m not quite seeing that especially in the parents. The pastel ivory does have a little different head stamp/pattern so could be him. Nice!

Was that the only hatchling that shows those features? If possible, try back tracking with whomever you got the dam and sire from to try to trace lineage. You may not have any answers until future breeding.

Here is my Yellowbelly Pastel for reference

To me, both your dam and baby have GHI

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It’s weird because if it was GHI, I would imagine it would be more “dirty” and more blushed out. It’s almost leopard like with how deep the blacks are but the pattern doesn’t scream leopard to me.

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The blacks are whats throwing me off. They are really dark with very little blushing.

Here is a Super Pastel GHI YB…

Here and Here are Pastel GHI YBs

No matter what it is, imagine that with Lav in it :heart_eyes:

This is dam’s first breeding, and so there’s no chance of double father clutch. The sire in the image is the only male mated with her.
they were the only two hatchlings from the clutch. (2 eggs):disappointed_relieved:

they were the only two hatchlings from the clutch. I’ll try to breed them for more in the future, to specify what they really are.

I bet you had that awesome feeling along w/ the dumbfounded one when that little one came out. Looks awesome! I’d bet the sire has more in him. I bought an ivory from NERD several years back & she ended up producing pinstripes & possibly something else I’m still trying to figure out. Even with a black light, I’m unable to see Pin in her. Basically what I’m saying is that an all white snake can mask a ton of genes that you’ve shown can only be proven when breeding. Now you’ll have to hold that one back & do the same to prove genetic to be sure, if you’re unable to get any additional from the breeder who produced him. Good luck & keep it posted!

thanks for all reply!

I brought Sire as a Pastel ivory, but according to the original owner, says that it could be a citrus pastel.

I’ve sometimes heard that she shows more like the Inferno on her appearance than Super pastel YB.

And the hatchling also do look like inferno a lot too, but then again, I’ll need more breeding to specify her and her hatchlings’ morph. Thanks for the help, I’ll be updating more photos time to time.