Is this just a normal ball python

I was wondering if this is just a normal or is there something going on here she is lighter than a normal and has blushing on her head please help identify


“Lighter than a normal” is really subjective given the huge range of normals

For example, which of these would you call “normal”? The light one? Or the dark one?

Trick question, both are normal.

From what I can see of your animal, it too is just a normal. A good looking normal, but still just a normal


As pointed out, normals have a ton of variation - some of them are very dark and some are very, very bright. I’m interested in doing an import nomal line breeding project to see how a bright base pattern/color can enhance existing morphs.

Your animal doesn’t have consistent markers with any known morphs, and ther’s the possibility she could be a heterozygous carrier of a gene impacting her brightness, but unless that was proven through genetic testing or breeding trials, she’s just a pretty normal/classic/wildtype.


Have to agree. From this picture, it looks normal.

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Well much appreciated everyone thank you!!!

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