Is this okay for planted tank

So I’m just now getting back into geckos, after almost 10 years (I think). And I was talking to my niece about a planted display tank, and she bought me this zebra plant as a birthday gift. She said she googled and it said zebra plants were gecko safe, but couldn’t find the exact plant in the images. What do you think? Is this “zebra plant” safe for a gecko tank?

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Welcome to the community.

There are different types of zebra plants, the scientific name would help (I assume it’s not on the pot). I’m not completely sure but it looks like Aphelandra squarrosa dania.

What gecko species are you planning to use it for?


Yeah will be fine in with geckos. Assuming an arboreal type? Crestie? :blush:


I’m so sorry. This would be in my Crested gecko tank. Currently im kept by Cresteds and a Gargoyle gecko. I tried ti tell myself we only have room for one, but I guess I was never truly over my addiction :rofl:. Now me and my daughter are planning to turn my walk in closest in to a gecko room. :blush: I was thinking of doing a “crested gecko ID” thread, but was embarrassed.

Here is a pic of the name on the plant


You can never have 1 Crestie. I have quite a lot now :joy: They’re too addictive and cute!

Yeah fine for Cresties. Other half used to have one he said.
You need help iding your morph? :blush:

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Unfortunately yes. So long story, I used to have reps years ago, got married and he was religious type and scared and made me get rid of all my reps (mostly snakes). Now that I’m divorced me and my daughter wanted to get back into geckos and we convinced ourselves we only have room for one snake and one gecko. So my son has Dinker the BP and I bought my daughter and extreme Harley, on here, and when my friend heard I was buying geckos, she told me about a friend of a friend who was getting out of geckos and had some for sale. $300 later I have adult female crested, three hatchling cresteds, a juvie crestie, aaaaaaaaaand when I went to buy the CGD at local reptile store, I kinda walked out with a juvie Gargoyle. And I don’t know the ID to any except my daughters Extreme Harley. So I did a spontaneous buy, and I don’t know what I have. :rofl::joy: however it’s not the first time in my reptile history.

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Nothing worse than being with someone who doesn’t love what you do! I’m lucky the other half loves all our lot as much as I do. If he didn’t, he can go :joy:
You sound addicted already! Geckos I must say are the most I think. We had a couple and now have 26 adults and currently 17 babies and lots of eggs. Not sure what happened but I love them all so :sweat_smile:

If you want to add pictures up, numbered I’ll help you with them :blush:


Thank you!! The pics under the pics with descriptions are just another pic of that animal. I hope that makes sense. Echo is the 3rd hatchling.
Then I add another pic of the unnamed hatching.



I guess my daughter labeled most of the pics :rofl:


Adult female- harlequin pin dash with Dalmatian spots.

Big spotted juvie- Brindle Dalmatian pin dash. (With ink spots).

Hatchling 1- any more side pics?

echo- anymore pics of that one as only 1 loaded.

Gargoyle- orange striped I’d say!


First three are hatching 1, next three are hatching 2, next is them the day I got them, last three are Echo with flash and with out.

Hatchling 1- pinstripe with Dal spots.

2 is a pinstripe.

And echo is a harlequin pin dash with Dal spots :blush:


No need to worry about asking here, we love taking about reptiles, I esp loves Cresties and it can be so hard to ID them sometimes. Yes I’d say the plant should be safe, I’ve previously done research on that plant but I haven’t used it for my Cresties, not yet anyway!

My opinion is:

I’d say adult female is a harlequin with Dal spots, possibly dalmation but I can’t see enough spots to qualify but you may see more (at least 25 spots to qualify)

Big spotted juvie is a brindle dalmation with inkblots

Hatchling 1 is pinstripe with Dal spots
Hatchling 2 a pinstripe

And Echo (my first Crestie was called Echo :relaxed:) appears to be a harlequin pindash with Dal spots

I don’t know much about Gargoyle morphs but it’s still cute :relaxed:

I’ve started a guide to Crestie morphs, if your interested the link is here

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Thank you soooooo much. I can now add their morphs to my record book!! Not a bad lot for $300! I will give updates as I go along. I’ll be putting the plant in my adult females tank. Once again thank you so much!!


That’s alright!
More than happy to help!
Keep us updated on them for sure, love watching the little ones grow :relaxed:

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Yes please, I love watching Cresties as they grow. I’ve got most of my Cresties from young as I love watching them grow, but I love Cresties as adults the most.

If the adult female is the mummy of the young Cresties, she may still lay eggs, dependant on when she was last paired.


From what I was told she is still a virgin. I just got my scale so I want to weigh her. I hope they didn’t breed her, because she seems to be on the small adult size. I don’t think she is breeding weight.