Is this ovulation?

Hey everyone, I believe this to be ovulation can anyone confirm please ?

Shes been paired and locked twice a month since December. Went off food about 3 weeks ago. Immediately after this image she has gone in to shed and has been in her water bowl which she has never done before.

If you need any more info just ask, this being my first ever pairing I have kept a record of everything. Pairing is a butter clown to a het clown.


Based on the picture yes it could be (remember pictures and physical examination are two different things), is it hard to the touch?

This pic was 48 hours ago. I took some pics and left her alone. Didn’t want to mess with her. She was on the cool side up until around 4 weeks ago then went to the heat. She then went off food for around 3 weeks. I’m due to put the male in tonight, Do you think I should ?

I would not if the swelling is gone and she is now on the warm side it is definitely an ovy which means pre-lay in 14 days eggs in 45.

I know you are probably nervous be remember physical examination is also part of breeding and knowing what to look for and what it feels like :wink:


Thank you, I will keep my eye on her and mark the calendar.

Being my first time and this being such a critical moment to the breeding process I just wanted to leave her.


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