Is this poop normal? (W. Hognose)

So, I went to pair my two western hognoses… and the female decided to let it all loose in the front of the tub. I did my best to get it cleaned up while not disturbing them too much.

Being used to ball pythons, I know next to nothing about what a “normal” stool should look like for a hognose. Google hasn’t been much help… so I’m coming here for possible answers.
My male had a similar poop where the urates were little small speckles (he spread it all over his tub and himself… was fun cleaning him off :roll_eyes:) but I just want to be sure it’s not something I need to worry about!

If it’s the same type of situation as BPs it is supposedly better to leave it and not clean it up while they’re pairing…pheromones and such. Good sign for your pairing. IF it’s the same type of reaction

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A video I was watching about breeding them mentioned spot cleaning, so that’s why I removed it. The tub still smells like the poop so I’m not worried about that being an issue haha

:joy: :joy::joy: true. That seems like it would be fine. Good luck!

Though I still haven’t had my question answered… is this poop normal looking or not? :thinking: this might help

That was one of the threads I read, but it didn’t quite satisfy my answer. It did mention that it’s sometimes a bit solid and a bit runny, so maybe it is okay.

I did check their tub a bit earlier, and one of them pooped again. Though this time it was more solid little turds instead of mush.

They’ve eaten both live pinky rats and f/t hopper/adult mice also, so unsure if that would have an effect on consistency.

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Having colubrids myself I can say that that poo up there seems pretty normal looking to me. I wouldn’t worry to much.

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