Is this possible?

I’m wondering if it is possible to produce a black eyed Lucy(super fire) and blue eyed Lucy I was mainly thinking this is possible but it would be impossible to tell unless it has either some cool colored eyes or a black eye and a blue eye witch would be really cool.

If you mean in the same clutch you could. As long as both parents have fire and a mojave complex morph. For example, a fire bamboo x fire mojave.
Edit: If you mean having both colored eyes in the same snake I’ve never heard of this happening. There isn’t a way to do this consistently.

I wanna say it was tom hardwick whonposted a video about this, and the two crossed would not be viable?

I did mean the second part I figured it was one of those things that was too cool to be possible lol

If you mean something like:

Lesser Fire x Mojave Fire

Then my guess is that would be bad to hit the 4 gene combo. A double dose of leucistic is probably going to break something important.

Why do you think it would be lethal? I don’t think it would be harmful because leucistic just removes pigments. Unless it damaged the eyes which it could be possible.

Ok, now im second guessing myself. I sweat i saw a youtube today or yesterday where they said doubling up on the bel complex… feck. I cant remember the word he used. Dangit. Lemme see if i can find it.

Eta: i am very much uneducated in bp morphs, but i learn best by participating. Si im totally down to be told “nope ding dong, incorrect” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Not necessarily lethal, but with two sets of genes causing the leucistic condition, I would be asking are they acting on the same mechanism or different ones? If they are blocking the exact same pathways, then you’re probably ok. But otherwise, you might have just closed off the redundant pathway that would be protecting the single type leucistic animal and allowing it to function normally.

The body often has redundant pathways for essential stuff, like say blood clotting. If you block one, like by taking warfarin, you can still use the other to achieve the effect, clotting, if less effectively. If you then block the other, by taking aspirin, you don’t really clot correctly anymore.

The leucistic effect is blocking pigment. Not so big a deal in the skin, in fact it’s what we want. But those protein synthesis pathways are invoved in other stuff. What, I have no idea, nor do I know if the two different types of leucistics block different pathways, or if those pathways mutually or redundantly support other functions, ask our resident expert. But if they’re important, like it makes the kidneys work or something, you probably don’t want to shut them both down.


I mean why do this? To make a cleaner white snake? There are safer easier ways I bet.

Or go for broke:
Super Pastel, Ghost, Albino, Lesser
Super Pastel, Ghost, Albino, Lesser

Let me know how that turns out. I don’t have enough time left on my clock to get there with what I have here…

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That was an awesome response. Inlove this forum for this stuff. So educational.

Double visual BluEL/BlkEL is fully possible and fully viable. Some years ago a couple SuperMojave/SuperSulfur were produced. They were identifiable because of their two-tone white appearance

Different and unrelated. We know this because when you combine the two groups(e.g., Fire Mojave) you do not get a white snake

Off-white snake with red eyes and a pale yellow dorsal stripe


Cool, good to know. I didn’t know how they would interact beyond the color.

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