Is This Rosy an Albino Whitewater?

Hello, I picked this little girl up at a local pet shop about a month ago. I think she looks the most like pictures I’ve seen of Albino Whitewaters. The store I bought her from thought she was about 6 months old but didn’t know her locality of morph.


I know nothing about rosy boas but from a quick check online looks like you have the morph spot on. @thebeardedherper @ashleyraeanne or @stewart_reptiles will likely be able to give you a better guess.

She is lovely either way though and I’m slightly jealous :heart_eyes:

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A lot of rosy boas are mixed localities these days. Unless you get one straight from a trusted breeder that tells you what it is, it is probably just a mutt. It likely is albino (hard to tell since some rosies can have bright orange), but you will never know what type exactly.

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It’s one of those things with rosy that will just need to be called a generic albino rosy

Unless it was bought from a reputable breeder, that keep record of lineage and localities it would be very hard for anyone to tell.

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Thanks everyone for the input. At least now I know how to properly refer to her as a Genetic Albino Rosy.