Is this scale rot or dirt or injury?

So I was wonder after I saw my snakes belly of this was dirt or scale rot. I don’t know if it is or not and I was going to wait till after he shed to see if it went away or not. Please help me and tell me if it’s scale rot or dirt, or even injury and what I should do. Please respond quick Because I am worried if he has it or not.

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![image|375x500](upload://jQNgW0De0XNUSgFRUkaoLsEBbf1.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://AeMeguCG2eonoZywZoKQGCaj1jx.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://jX7VCrfC1kpOgalZAJo7yIUvu6.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://piaRYk9FzniUsiAezippQW5LoXk.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://yEh54b9D1xBrdKOJ29ZvR7XnHcb.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://oA6A6jo6Zx4NebaIv8dEyHwFuKT.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://myDsTxOoeqGujfwtS1dCNOKdq9A.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://fwsBpCU7DQVivatXYOKPVs2z5s5.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://eRmCyJ8epGRZMSm6YHCbnGtoTyA.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://tSojlJVMEq2muh1n4xePMRezCcE.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://dybhATC8mt9dq5rcU0nSPBqQn11.jpeg) ![image|375x500](upload://coEUaI0vLFwArSTq2TU2exaFMKZ.jpeg)

I don’t think your images uploaded properly, you may need to try again

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