Is this snow corn a male or female?

I bought this snake as a tiny tiny baby before it could be sexed from a reptile store. As I’m wanting to get into breeding I’m trying to figure out about my two oldest unsexed. I’ve heard you can tell by scales or length of tail? But not sure on how accurate I am at my guess (that she is indeed a she). So here is a few pics of her back end and tail as good as I could get with how hyper she is. Can anyone help me out?

Typically at that age you’d want to have them probed to know for sure. Another way that could work in your situation is to put them together and observe how they behave. For future purchases, consider animals here on MorphMarket from breeders that have sexed their animals for sale :wink: . Good luck with your breeding projects and let us know if you have any other questions along the way.

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Actually all my other colubrids have been from MorphMarket! Still can’t find a female I’m happy with and so was hoping one of the ones that only really havea year or so to go before being even close to breeding age.

But I know the reliable way and not sure I’m quite that desperate yet lol But I thought gjt there was a way to at least give a good college guess at it by looking at their tail length ect

Oh yes, I assumed they were already breeding age when I suggested putting them together to try to find out. Good call on holding off on that.

I’m sure there are people who might be very good at it visually but I don’t feel confident in my ability to guess based on it. I know people who’ve been at it for decades who still probe, which makes me question how reliable the visual way is.

Now if we were talking Hognose then the visual would be easy, but Corns not so much.

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All three of my biggest corns are just over a year old. I was gonna wait at bit longer until they were all obviously bigger lol I haven’t started earnest research into the breeding of corns but figured they wouldn’t be ready before being 3 at the least.

I am very much leaning male here.


my guess is that its a male because he or she has a long tail normally males will have a very long pointed tail And females normally have a shorter more bulvous tail I hope this was helpful to you and good luck breeding I also breed corn snakes so if you need one to breed with just contact me.

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Thanks for the offer! All of my current group seems to be male but I did recently buy my first female who is hopefully the same age and such as my boys. As much as I would love to take you up on your offer none of my boys are quite ready to do the deed yet. I also am waiting for cooler Temps to buy anything else since 100+ degrees is not a safe temp to ship.

Thank you and I completely understand are you in Oklahoma and whenever your boys are quote (ready to do the deed) lol sorry. just contact me any time and I will be happy to help.

I live in Northern Texas actually! Kinda exciting to meet someone who breeds fairly close. Where in Oklahoma? It’d be cool to come see or meet up or something.

Altus, Oklahoma And That is Very cool that your that close

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Vernon Texas. Feel free to not so publically contact me. Maybe I can end up getting a snake from you despite the heat after all.

ok that’s cool