Is this stuck shed?

Hey everyone! I have a question about my Ball python.
I have her for about 2 years now and she always had clean sheds.
Yesterday she shed again. Except for two small torn away pieces it was one full piece shed.
However. I noticed on the top of her head some brighter scales that didn’t look like that before.
It feels normal to the touch, so no different from the rest of the head scales. I tried rubbing with a wet towel but couldn’t remove it. Is this even stuck shed or something different?


Second picture does look like shed. The first one lookes more like just color difference in those scales. Either way, it is nothing to worry about. If shed, it will come off on its own and it is not effecting anything. If color change, then you may start seeemore, or it may go back to original color.
If you are worried about it, you could soak for 30 min and see if you can rub it off then.


Thank’s a lot for the reply.
I’ll try soaking her. If it doesn’t come off I’ll wait for the next shed.


Others know better than me, but I have had bad sheds look like that after I have got the stuck bits off later.
But either way, as the above say, no worries. A proper healthy shed or two should sort it.
Soaking never worked well for me for a stuck shed. I just put them in a wet pillow case for an hour.
The fact they are in a pillow cse means the wetness touches the top of the head and they rub it a bit with their movement, unlike a soak.
HOWEVER-- WARNING. Wring the wet pillow case out well, and leave them in no longer than a n hour or otherwise too little oxygen transfer and your waterboarding them.
You can always repeat the process a bit later if needed.
Once always works for me, even with bought in snakes where it could be months old dry stuck on skin.

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