Isopod Growth Taking Painfully Long What to do?

Hi! I have had almost 3 years of isopod experience, and I first started out with Dairy Cows and Zebras. I begun with a group of around 30 of each, and were breeding rapid-fire these past years. Although, around 2 years ago, I noticed no isopods were exceeding 1/4 inch.

Fast-forward to now, THREE YEARS LATER, my first generation of Dairy Cows has barely matured and my largest zebras produced by me are STILL LESS THAN 1/4 INCH LONG.

I have tried everything imaginable to get these guys to grow. Replaced old substrate for nutritious mixes tons of times, feed protein every week with other frequent supplemental foods.

I am furious I have wasted 3 years for something that only should’ve taken 1-2 months.

I am even surprised they have lived this long without growing nearly at all. I could’ve had over a dozen generations of Dairy cows, just wish I had asked for serious help sooner.

Any help?

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*Humidity is low and Temperature is high. I have tried everything I know and these two cultures have really discouraged me over the past year.

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Can you add a picture of the colonies? My colonies were slower until I added leaf litter.


You mentioned low humidity is it possible the humidity is too low or that you don’t have enough of a moisture gradient? And when you say high temperature, how high are we talking about?

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I have 3 1" diameter cross-ventilation holes on the sides. About 1/3 of the enclosure is moist moss, with some cork hides over it, and the rest is dry or very little moisture. About 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Yes, I will get some pictures but I am currently leaving so it will have to be in a few hours.