Isopods Species/Traits Master-list Category (Pending)

  • Armadillidium corcyraeum
  • Armadillidium depressum
  • Armadillidium c.f. espanyoli
  • Armadillidium c.f. frontirostre / Armadillidium pallasii
    → Croatian Giant
    → Pied
  • Armadillidium frontetriangulum
  • Armadillidium gestroi
  • Armadillidium granulatum
    → Zinger
  • Armadillidium insulare
  • Armadillidium klugii
    → Montenegro
    → Orange
    → Pudding
    → Slano
    → Dubrovnik
    → Dubrovnik Red-Phase
  • Armadillidium maculatum
    → Zebra
    → High White / Dalmatian
    → Spot
    → Yellow Zebra
    → Chocolate
  • Armadillidium nasatum
    → Peach
    → Pearl
    → White-out
    → White/Gold Jellybeans
  • Armadillidium peraccae
    → Pied
  • Armadillidium ruffoi
  • Armadillidium versicolor
    → Ceska
    → Polska
    → Slovenia
    → Ukraine
  • Armadillidium vulgare
    → High-Yellow
    → Orange Vigor
    → JPN Magic Potion
    → USA Magic Potion
    → Orange Dalmatian
    → Punta Cana
    → Santa Lucia
    → Gem Mix
    → Tyrosinase+ Albino
    → Tyrosinase- Albino
    → Pennyback Gold
    → Sunset
    → Tangerine
  • Armadillidium werneri
    → Orange
  • Armadillidium sp. Spotted Albania
  • Armadillidium sp. Orange Stripe, Sicily
  • Armadillidium sp. Big Italy

  • Cubaris murina
    → Papaya
    → Glacier
  • Cubaris sp. Borneo
  • Cubaris sp. Sabah
  • Cubaris sp. Panda King
    → Albino
    → Black
  • Cubaris sp. Rubber Ducky
    → Blonde Ducky
    → Pink Ducky
    → Lemon Head
  • Cubaris sp. Amber
  • Copper
  • Cubaris sp. Cappuccino
  • Cubaris sp. White Ducky
  • Cubaris sp. Red-Skirt
    → Albino White Phase
  • Cubaris sp. Red Tiger
  • Cubaris sp. Orange Tiger
  • Cubaris sp. Phi-Pun Tiger
  • Cubaris sp. White Tiger
  • Cubaris sp. Pak Chong
    → Black
    → Red Laser
  • Cubaris sp. White-Side/Penguin
  • Cubaris sp. Blue Pigeon
  • Cubaris sp. White Pigeon
  • Cubaris sp. Dream
  • Cubaris sp. Jupiter
  • Cubaris sp. Lemon-Blue
  • Cubaris sp. Platin Tung Song
  • Cubaris sp. Yellow Dust
  • Cubaris sp. Green Laser
  • Cubaris sp. Platinum
  • Cubaris sp. Yellow Tiger

  • Merulanella sp. Tri Color
  • Merulanella sp. Red Diablo
  • Merulanella sp. Vietnam
    → Ember Glow
  • Merulanella sp. Ember Bee
  • Merulanella sp. Bicolorata
  • Merulanella sp. Starsky
  • Merulanella sp. Dark Knight

  • Nesodillo archangeli sp. Shiro Utsuri
  • Nesodillo archangeli sp. Silver Ghost
  • Nesodillo archangeli sp. Purple Ghost
  • Nesodillo archangeli sp. Yeti
  • Nesodillo sp. Orange-Albino Red-Edge

  • Porcellio bolivari
    → Lemon
    → Yellow Ghost
  • Porcellio dilatatus
  • Porcellio duboscqui
  • Porcellio duboscqui troglophila
  • Porcellio expansus
    → White
    → Orange
    → Autumnal-Equinox
  • Porcellio flavomarginatus
  • Porcellio hassi
    → High-Yellow
    → Bright
    → Patternless
    → Giant
    → Super-Giant
  • Porcellio hoffmanseggi
    → Chocolate
    → White
    → Black
  • Porcellio incanus
  • Porcellio laevis
    → Caramel
    → Dairy Cow
    → Orange
    → Milkback
    → White
    → How-Now
    → California Marbled
  • Porcellio lamellatus
  • Porcellio magnificus
  • Porcellio nickelsi
  • Porcellio ornatus
    → South
    → Yellow
    → High-Yellow
    → Witch’s-Brew
    → White-Skirt
  • Porcellio scaber
    → Giant/Spanish-Orange
    → Calico
    → Orin’s-Calico
    → Red-Calico
    → Lava
    → Dalmatian
    → Orange-Dalmatian
    → White-out
    → Red-edge
    → Koi
    → Orange-Koi
    → Sherbert
    → Spottergeist
    → Lucy
    → White-Tiger
    → Lottery/Party-Mix
    → Ghost
    → Ghost-Dalmatian
    → Lemonade
    → Pied
    → Orange Pied
  • Porcellio silvestri
    → High Red
  • Porcellio spatulatus
  • Porcellio spinicornis
  • Porcellio spinipennis
  • Porcellio wagneri
  • Porcellio werneri
    → Silverback
  • Porcellio sp. Tunisia
  • Porcellio sp. White Antennae
  • Porcellio sp. Morocco
  • Porcellio sp. Morocco “Similar to Barbate”
  • Porcellio sp. Spikey Canare
  • Porcellio sp. Valencia
  • Porcellio sp. Sevilla
  • Porcellio sp. Red Butt

  • Troglodillo rotundatus

  • Venezillo parvus
    → Dalmatian
    → Kumquat
  • Venezillo arizoniscus
  • Venezillo sp. Tank
  • Venezillo sp. Maya

  • Agabiformus lentus
    → Persimmon

  • Trichorhina tomentosa
    → Key-Largo

  • Nagurus cristatus

  • Atlantoscia floridana

Feel free to add! Editing in the same format as the existing list is preferred. :slight_smile:

Armadillidium and Porcellio are alphabetized for easy access to the desired species. If/when a Morphpedia category is made for isopods, links will be added for each species. :grinning:


Most of these likely aren’t widely spread in the hobby so feel free to only add which ones are relevant.

  • Cubaris sp. amber
  • Cubaris sp. amber firefly
  • Cubaris sp. amber firefly LCF
  • Cubaris sp. amber panda
  • Cubaris sp. ammonia
  • Cubaris sp. angry monk
  • Cubaris sp. apricot
  • Cubaris sp. black lip ducky
  • Cubaris sp. blue pigeon
  • Cubaris sp. borneo
  • Cubaris sp. brown sugar
  • Cubaris sp. bumble bee
  • Cubaris sp. caramel cream
  • Cubaris sp. cliff ducky
  • Cubaris sp. “copper”
  • Cubaris sp. “crystal clear”
  • Cubaris sp. cute honey tiger
  • Cubaris sp. diamond tiger
  • Cubaris sp. dream
  • Cubaris sp. dwarf ducky
  • Cubaris sp. emperor bee
  • Cubaris sp. fancy panda
  • Cubaris sp. fog
  • Cubaris sp. giant marina
  • Cubaris sp. golden ducky
  • Cubaris sp. happy nun
  • Cubaris sp. hong tiger
  • Cubaris sp. iriomotensis
  • Cubaris sp. jupiter
  • Cubaris sp. kayson honey
  • Cubaris sp. lemon blue
  • Cubaris sp. mandarin
  • Cubaris sp. pak chong
  • Cubaris sp. panara
  • Cubaris sp. panda king
  • Cubaris sp. phipun tiger
  • Cubaris sp. platin krnk
  • Cubaris sp. platin tung song
  • Cubaris sp. purple giant
  • Cubaris sp. purple giant mini
  • Cubaris sp. r13
  • Cubaris sp. red edge
  • Cubaris sp. red edge orange
  • Cubaris sp. red edge white phase
  • Cubaris sp. red pak chong
  • Cubaris sp. “rubber bee”
  • Cubaris sp. rubber ducky
  • Cubaris sp. rubber ducky blonde
  • Cubaris sp. rusty
  • Cubaris sp. “shiny gator”
  • Cubaris sp. snow bee
  • Cubaris sp. soil
  • Cubaris sp. “sun tiger”
  • Cubaris sp. “storm trooper”
  • Cubaris sp. tiger stripe
  • Cubaris sp. tiger stripe red
  • Cubaris sp. tiger stripe silver
  • Cubaris sp. wang lung tiger
  • Cubaris sp. white angel malaysia
  • Cubaris sp. white ducky
  • Cubaris sp. “white king”
  • Cubaris sp. white pigeon
  • Cubaris sp. “white shark”
  • Cubaris sp. white side
  • Cubaris sp. white tiger
  • Cubaris sp. yellow dust
  • Cubaris sp. yellow tiger

It could also be written like:

  • Cubaris sp. amber
    → Firefly
    → Firefly LCF
    → Panda
  • Cubaris sp. rubber ducky
    → Blonde
  • Cubaris sp. tiger stripe
    → red
    → silver

If you want me to use the second method I can rewrite it using that.



Damn, this is gonna be one real big Morphpedia project when the time comes :no_mouth:


This is going to be bigger then ball pythons! It’s gonna be so dope!



What about all the different colours/lines they produce too? As there’s a LOT :rofl:


Yep I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I have memorized. Just ran out of time lol


Oh and we probably should include crosses too, right?

Lol we might as well right? ¯l_(ツ)_/¯


This is gonna be so fun :joy:

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I’ll take a 10 piece cup of each of those please. Thanks.

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Seriously this is gonna be monumental but absolutely amazing!


The problem with isopods is many people are naming the same kind of isopod with a different name when they come to the market. There’s like 6 kinds of cubaris “white sides”. So this category upgrade will be very confusing without proper proof of some being actually different than just word of mouth. (Like caramel crème and white pigeon/ tiramisu , red tiger / red tiger stripe, Cubaris rusty / storm trooper / angry monk, stingray / ammonia all being basically the same just different variants)

Amber fire flies and amber pandas and ambers are all different from each other.

  • Armadillidium sp. Cookies and Cream
    (If I’m not mistaken this project never took off before it could be replicated)

What could be added (off the top of my head)

Armadillidium nasatum “White/Gold Jellybeans”

Cubaris sp. lemon head (is a rubber ducky mutation)

Scaber lemonade (form of calico? But still different enough)

Scaber ghost

Armadillidium peraccae “Pied”

Cubaris murina Whiteout (think there is a trade name but forgot)

And the whole nesodillo category like silver ghost , shirso utsuri, purple ghost (not sure if this should count, yeti (whiteout)

There is no hiding that this task will be gigantic, I would personally just start off with what’s known for sure.


This is too true :rofl:


@hellfire_exotics thanks for all that amazing info! Will definitely be adjusting the list to just the well-known ones instead of including the super obscure isopods like seen all over the Cubaris category. (for example: Cubaris sp. fog. Not many people already have these so will keep it off for now)

I believe C. murina “Glacier” is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Almost forgot about Nesodillo :slight_smile:


This project is crazy. I knew there was well over a hundred cultivars if not hundreds, but didn’t notice that listing them would take SO LONG! :rofl:

I guess I brought this upon myself. Sorry about that @eaglereptiles :rofl: This really will be a big project and we have just scratched the surface but I will push on. Now to go to bed and dedicate tomorrow to this. Again :rofl:



Either way it’ll be a great start especially for people who are just getting into isopods!

(Here are some more not listed)
Cubaris sp. Green Laser
Cubaris sp. Capira
Venezillo sp. Tank
Venezillo sp. Maya
Cubaris sp. Platinum (Also known as platinum ducky , not related to ducky)
Armadillidae sp. Camouflage
Cubaris sp. Green Spot (reclassified as Troglodillo rotundatus I believe).
Merulanella sp. Tri Color
Merulanella sp. Red Diablo
Merulanella sp. Vietnam
Merulanella sp. Ember Glow (Variation/morph of Vietnam as far as im aware)
Merulanella sp. Ember Bee
Merulanella sp. Bicolorata (Yellow Panda)
Merulanella sp. Starsky
Merulanella sp. Dark Knight


Think I may compile my own list and check them off as I get them…


There needs to be a Merulanella sp. Hutch too!


Thanks for all the edits everyone! I am planning on organizing it into alphabetical order throughout this week, so it will be easier to track down species.

Once again, thanks for all the help! You can continue to add if you remember some others! :slight_smile: