Issue with "8 ball" ball python search

When you use the calculator and put cinnamon to black pastel, aka the 8 ball, when you click on results for that morph it goes to results that just include the number “8”. Figured I’d let someone know at least! There is a way around it, going into the filters and including cinnamon and black pastel traits. I’m not sure if other morph names are causing an issue like this as well. I love the site overall though and haven’t had any other issues :slight_smile:

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Yes, this does appear to be a bug. No doubt because of the number in the name. I’ll log it.

I noticed this a while back as well but never thought to say anything. Good way to find $800 snakes. Maybe just change it from 8 to eight.

Best workaround right now is just search for a “cinnamon black pastel”.