Issue with Ball Python Advanced Search [1699]

So I was just going to look up the Leopard OD pinstripe to see what it was going to look like, and I found a bug. The advanced Certs had an address that I did not recognized already typed into the nearby, and even when I removed it it would not let me search without an address.


This was googling MorphMarket then I entered the place where you can just click on ball pythons on Google and then I proceeded to the advanced search and that was there

Plus here is the link of that helps

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We will have a look at what’s going on :blush:
Thank you Riley

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Of course, I am always on the look out :eyes:

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Hi Lumpy, so you said you arrived at this state by googling “morphmarket” and then clicking on Ball Pythons?


Both in google as well as with the link you shared, have the generic link, which shouldn’t be adding any location.

I think what is happening is you have previously given the website permission to use your location. While that exact address isn’t your location it’s probably nearby to a city that you entered before, am I right?

I think the bug here is:

  1. That it’s using a location when you didn’t tell it to this time. It shouldn’t populate your location unless you click into that field.
  2. Your not being able to remove it

For me, I am seeing different issues:

  1. It does NOT populate when I click in
  2. When I select a location I get that same error even when I chose from a list.

I will have our devs take a look!

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The only issue is I live in Florida and I have never used the location feature because I’m fine with shipping

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If you can’t fix it you can always put a gigantic number in the Distance box so it shouldn’t limit your results.

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@lumpy let me know if you click the MM logo and then open search again if it still has that location there? Thanks.


No it’s not, thank you :grin: